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02-18-11, 11:55
I see there has been little talk of any group meeting lately. There is a couple of local Pittsburgh area groups that meet monthly for semi-structured "shoots", but I would be interested in a more organized event such as the ones discussed in the previous threads. Is there any plans for a group get-together in the Pittsburgh or surrounding areas like Wheeling, etc...?
I have recently been asked to sit on the board of a small gun club and another member and I would like to promote more pistol activities and possibly offer NRA First Steps, and the like, in the future. Until then, I would love to meet with others in the tri-state area for one of the social/training events and try to absorb some knowledge.


Jay Cunningham
03-14-11, 22:03
You know my number.


03-15-11, 18:40
Jim convinced me to trade up and I ditched the DPMS for a BCM, got a simple belt rig and 400 rounds of factory ammo.........can't wait till June!