View Full Version : Recommended Reading for Bolt Gun Assembly?

Keith E.
09-13-07, 14:24
I am looking for literature/videos on building/assembling bolt action rifles, specifically Rem 700 actions.

TIA, Keith

09-13-07, 15:40
Brownells has a number of articles on the 700 for download on their website.

09-13-07, 15:41
The Brownells "How To Build Your Own Remington 700" is a great start and it's on-line and free.


I also found the Remington law enforcement armorers course valuable for basics as well....

Keith E.
09-15-07, 18:01
Thanks for the info guys, it's printing at this time.


09-15-07, 19:59
The brownells directions leave a lot to be desired. If you really want a shooter you might consider having the barreled action done by a pro and doing the rest yourself. Hand reaming a bolt gun barrel is sketchy and the picture of their crown shows what happens when you don't use a lathe. Their directions for bedding are a perfect recipe for bedding your action into your stock crooked.

Unless you have the CORRECT equipment you should seriously consider having the metal work done by a pro. If you want correct instructions for bedding check RD Precision's site, Randy has some good pictures and advice.