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03-01-11, 16:53
I don't think there is any argument here that this Bill is asinine, but they are at it again in wake of the unfortunate evens that unfolded in AZ. The second link posted is contact information with emails included of the Judiciary Committee. If anyone has a minute to send a polite email opposing this bill, it would be a great help.




03-01-11, 18:17
We need all the help we can get to bury this!

S.B. No. 1094 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT BANNING LARGE CAPACITY AMMUNITION MAGAZINES', to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition feeding devices that accept more than ten rounds. REF. JUDICIARY. OPPOSE. COMMUNICATE WITH JUDICIARY COMM MEMBERS BELOW. NOW!!

LCO No. 3773 {D:\Conversion\Tob\s\2011SB-01094-R00-SB.doc } 1 of 2
General Assembly Raised Bill No. 1094
January Session, 2011 LCO No. 3773
Referred to Committee on Judiciary
Introduced by:
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General
Assembly convened:
1 Section 1. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2011) (a) As used in this section,
2 "large capacity magazine" means any detachable ammunition feeding
3 device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds of
4 ammunition, but does not include: (1) A feeding device that has been
5 permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than ten
6 rounds, (2) a .22 caliber tube ammunition feeding device, or (3) a
7 tubular magazine that is contained in a lever-action firearm.
8 (b) Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine shall be
9 guilty of a class D felony.
10 (c) Any person who (1) prior to the effective date of this section,
11 lawfully possessed a large capacity magazine, and (2) not later than
12 ninety days after the effective date of this section, removes such
13 magazine from this state or surrenders such magazine to an organized
14 local police department or the Department of Public Safety for
15 destruction, shall not be subject to prosecution for a violation of
16 subsection (b) of this section.

Raised Bill No. 1094
LCO No. 3773 {D:\Conversion\Tob\s\2011SB-01094-R00-SB.doc } 2 of 2
17 (d) The provisions of subsection (b) of this section shall not apply to
18 the possession of a large capacity magazine by:
19 (1) Members or employees of organized local police departments,
20 the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Correction or the
21 military or naval forces of this state or of the United States for use in
22 the discharge of their official duties;
23 (2) A person, corporation or other entity that manufactures large
24 capacity magazines for persons specified in subdivision (1) of this
25 subsection or for export in accordance with federal regulations;
26 (3) Any person engaged in the business of selling or transferring
27 large capacity magazines in accordance with state and federal
28 regulations who possesses such magazines solely for the purpose of
29 such sale or transfer; or
30 (4) A gunsmith who possesses such large capacity magazine for the
31 purpose of maintenance, repair or modification.
This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following
Section 1 July 1, 2011 New section
Statement of Purpose:
To prohibit the possession of certain ammunition feeding devices that
accept more than ten rounds.
[Proposed deletions are enclosed in brackets. Proposed additions are indicated by underline,
except that when the entire text of a bill or resolution or a section of a bill or resolution is new, it is
not underlined.]

Judiciary Committee Members 2011-12

Eric.Coleman@cga.ct.gov; Beth.Bye@senatedems.ct.gov; Doyle@senatedems.ct.gov; Gomes@senatedems.ct.gov; Meyer@senatedems.ct.gov, John.A.Kissel@cga.ct.gov; Michael.McLachlan@cga.ct.gov; Andrew.Roraback@cga.ct.gov; Jason.Welch@cga.ct.gov; Gerald.Fox@cga.ct.gov; David.Baram@cga.ct.gov; Jeffrey.Berger@cga.ct.gov; Charles.Clemons@cga.ct.gov; Patricia.Dillon@cga.ct.gov; Mae.Flexer@cga.ct.gov; Mary.Fritz@cga.ct.gov; Bob.Godfrey@cga.ct.gov; Minnie.Gonzalez@cga.ct.gov; Auden.Grogins@cga.ct.gov; Gail.Hamm@cga.ct.gov; Ernest.Hewett@cga.ct.gov; Bruce.Morris@cga.ct.gov; Melissa.Olson@cga.ct.gov; Kelvin.Roldan@cga.ct.gov; Joseph.Serra@cga.ct.gov; Joseph.Taborsak@cga.ct.gov; William.Tong@cga.ct.gov; Toni.Walker@cga.ct.gov; Gary.Holder-Winfield@cga.ct.gov; Elissa.Wright@cga.ct.gov; John.Hetherington@housegop.ct.gov; al.adinolfi@housegop.ct.gov; christie.carpino@housegop.ct.gov; DebraLee.Hovey@housegop.ct.gov; Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov; David.Labriola@housegop.ct.gov; Arthur.ONeill@housegop.ct.gov; rob.sampson@housegop.ct.gov; john.shaban@housegop.ct.gov; bill.simanski@housegop.ct.gov; richard.smith@housegop.ct.gov; TR.Rowe@housegop.ct.gov;

D. Christopher
03-01-11, 23:57

03-03-11, 10:58
Email sent.

03-09-11, 16:44
I live in CT, I emailed the powers in office regarding 1094, and received the following 4 emails

Thank you for voicing your concern. Government needs to stop overreacting to tragic situations and drawing arbitrary lines that infringe upon personal liberties and rights but do not address true problems.
I will oppose the proposed ban and further restrictions.
Sen. Jason C. Welch

Thank you for your email. If you are interested, you can follow the progress of this legislation on our website at: www.cga.ct.gov. Although I have not yet reviewed the particular bills that you mentioned, I believe that James Madison and the other members of the First Congress made the right decision when they adopted the 2nd Amendment and I generally do not support any restrictions placed on it as most criminals are not deterred by anti-gun laws. Instead I continue to support funding for the Anti-Gun Trafficking Taskforce which has successfully removed illegal weapons and the criminals who buy, sell and use them from Connecticut's streets. Thanks again for your email,
Arthur O'Neill
State Representative

Thank you for your email. I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment.
DebraLee Hovey
State Representative

Thank you for contacting my office. Your email is very important to me. Due to the high volume of email I receive, especially during these difficult economic times, I may not always be able to provide a personalized response, but I will read your email and I appreciate hearing from you. If your matter is urgent or timely, please call 1-800-842-1421 and ask to speak with my office.
Andrew Roraback
State Senator
30th District

I hate just to stand by and watch our liberty taken away by an eager politician wanting to gain notoriety. Looney is trying to take away our right because the majority of uninformed people are terrified by the media.

03-09-11, 18:02
I received the same emails as well. At least someone is on our side. So easy to loose hope in a state like CT. This bill may be a little to over the top for the majority to accept. The lack of grandfather clause may be our saving grace to get this garbage squashed.

04-05-11, 14:47
Looks like someone got himself into some trouble:

Connecticut man allegedly threatens legislator over ammo bill (http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/04/01/connecticut.legislator.threat/index.html)

The article said he had a large cache of firearms including.....

... wait for it....

"automatic weapons and an assault rifle!" :rolleyes:

Oh please!!

I'd like to see the exact definition of a "large cache". I'm guessing he also had "hundreds of rounds" of ammunition. As if they don't come packaged in a box.

It's hard to tell what exactly happened here but the outcome sure isn't good.

Contact your legislators but be very careful how you go about it. They may hear things you didn't say.

04-05-11, 16:17
This BS happened last week. I live in the next town over. Apparently the accused stated that the Rep. Gentile (who apparently is not involved with the judiciary commitee or their agenda) took whatever was said out of context. Ansonia police then went with a search warrant to the his home where they found semi auto rifles, lever actions, & a long barrel Uzi type. The media spin reported " three assault rifles, an Uzi and numerous other long guns and handguns". You can see what was found here
Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/policereports/article/Cops-Ansonia-man-threatened-state-rep-over-ammo-1318690.php
I think the man is guilty of making stupid comments rather than a threat.

04-05-11, 16:29
Just a hunch but I'll bet they also found a Santa suit somewhere on the premises.

I KNEW they would call it a clip!

04-05-11, 17:32
Just a hunch but I'll bet they also found a Santa suit somewhere on the premises.

I KNEW they would call it a clip!

HAHA I always Scream at my friends that say clip "clips go in your Hair or on a bag of chips Dumbass:D

04-15-11, 16:59

On Ct. Fox News @ 5pm Sen. Kissel said the Hi cap magazine ban 1094 is "basicaly dead". :)

04-15-11, 19:08
Yup a win for us it's over it's 8pm and no vote on the bill they did the right thing I cna relax for a year or so to someone else with a gun does something stupid....

04-15-11, 19:17
Thank you to everyone to took the time to call, write, email & make the trip to Hartford for the hearings.

YOU made a difference !

04-22-11, 12:57
Yea we can beat them if we show up in masses and fight for what we stand for... Great to see