View Full Version : 5 and 10 Round Limiters now shipping!

03-03-11, 17:07
The PMAG 10 Round Limiter installs in standard PMAG 20 bodies, reducing the magazine capacity to 10 rounds. Designed for sporting and hunting applications, installation of the Limiter is simple, tool-less, and requires no permanent modification of the magazine body.

NOTE: This product does not make PMAG 20 magazines legal in jurisdictions where magazines with a capacity of 20 rounds are prohibited. Consult all local, state, and federal regulations prior to usage.

5 Round Limiter (http://store.magpul.com/product/MAG280/101)
10 Round Limiter (http://store.magpul.com/product/MAG281/101)
Newsfeed (http://www.magpul.com/assets/files/Newsfeed/Newsfeed_Round_Limiter_110228.pdf)