View Full Version : Tactical Rifle lvl 1 on March 20th

03-04-11, 09:29
On March 20th RWI Tactical will be hosting a lvl 1 Tactical Rifle course. The criteria is the same as the Tactical Carbine lvl 1, however it is an open class. This means if it takes a mag and is semi-auto you can run it, i.e AKs, ARs, Mini14 and etc. This also allow individuals who miss the lvl 1 Tactical Carbine course to run their ARs and get certified to attend the lvl 2 Tactical Carbine Course. You can check out the course criteria by checking out the RWI website Here (http://kyfirearmstraining.com/kentucky-firearms-training/tactical-carbine-courses/). The course will be held a Lincoln Trail Gun Clun in New Haven, KY. This is the same location as past courses. If you have any questions please feel free to PM or email me.