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03-06-11, 08:53

I've been searching sites for rifle ranges within a reasonable driving distance from the near-western Chicago suburbs. (20-25 miles or so) It seems like the list is pretty short and the only only options worth pursuing are private clubs with memberships.

The Aurora Club (not in Aurora) appears to have a decent set-up but it is 50 miles one way and more than an hour at the wheel. It's also a membership club.

I found another reference to the Oak Park club and thought that would be perfect...but of course it's located in Plainfield not Oak Park...tricky!! That one is closer only 30 miles but still kinda out there and not a simple detour on the way home from work.

Contemplated the ISRA club in Kanakee but that is even farther away.

Gunworld used to be my spot for pistol work before it got plowed under with the O'Hare expansion debacle. I see they are getting close to re-opening in Lombard which is great, but the rifle/shotgun setup is the indoor type limited to the 25yds I believe.

Maxon is DePlaines has the same situation from what I read, but have not been there in a while.

I suppose the indoor ranges can be useful to see if your rifle actually fires but probable little else. Not sure on the fees but I've read they can be rather high for these indoor ranges.

So to the point...it seems that the only viable options to get any real rifle time in this area is to join up with the a club and deal with the commute as best as we can. Public options are almost nil and not at all effective. I'm also trying to be realistic regarding the amount of time I can devote back to a club and support the programs. I'm a hobbyist and not a professional with sporadic training routines.

Just wondering if anyone else around here has figured out a secret to working this out without involving a mini vacation/road trip.

Oh...and moving out of Illinois is the obvious answer but not practical for me.

Thx for any solutions.

just a scout
03-15-11, 22:00
I'm a member of ASC. While expensive and a drive, it's one of the best ranges I've ever used. Also, very proactive in classes being taught, practical competitions, etc. If you need a sponsor or want a day as a guest, PM me.

03-15-11, 22:42
We have a lot of people from south of the boarder at the ranges I'm a member of in Wisconsin.

03-15-11, 23:00
Might take a look at our club.


Membership required except for matches.

Sorry you live in the Land of Lincoln, pretty sure he would have relocated due to the laws there.


03-15-11, 23:28
I just joined the ASC last Saturday. It is a great range. I live in the city near I-55/Harlem and it takes me 1 hour & 15mins to get there on a weekend morning. Im gonna try it out for a year and see how it works out for me. Im going out there Thursday morning for my first time as a member. I have been out there a few times over the last 6 months for the practical rifle events.

I dont think there is any other public or private range within twice the driving distance of the ASC that has a 600, 200, 100, and a 50yd rifle range available. They also have a "Shooting Sports" range that is operational but still under development, and a stocked fishing pond in the works.

03-17-11, 23:22
Where in Wisconsin? We're from Chicago land suburbs but have a place in WI on the Rock River

03-18-11, 10:16
Thx to all for the recommendations. I now see that it would be reasonable to travel from the city area out the west (or north or east).

Chesterton is our typical fuel/rest stop when we travel back to Michigan to visit family. I may have to give that more consideration.

Google tells me it is 70 miles to npccc and 50 miles to asc. Not sure on the Wisconsin locations but probably over 50 miles I expect.

I have read positive notes on asc so that might be something I'll investigate. I may take up the sponsor offers in a few months when work slows down a bit.

04-05-11, 21:40
I might have to check out NPCCC as well. Thanks for the tip. I'm out that way semi-regularly to visit friends. Chesterton might even an easier trip than ASC for me.

I've been comparing ASC to a sleeping with a hot, rich chick: I'd aboslutely love to bang her, but it will probably cost me more money and time than I'd like to spend. :p

04-06-11, 00:55
Dont know where you live, but there is a range in Sycamore off of RT-64. Nothing fancy but it's the closest range to me. I hear great things about ASC, and I plan on checking it out this Saturday since they are having an open house for non-members.

Trace Hombres
04-17-11, 11:51
Hello fellow Chicagoans,

Any comments on the" Buffalo Range" in Ottawa? It's about an equal drive for me between Buffalo and ASC but i heard ASC only has certain dates and times the public can shoot there.


04-17-11, 18:21
Buffalo Range is pretty cool, but according to their website they're only open 4 days per week (M, F, S, Su). The great thing about Buffalo Range is that they have the plinking pit. The plinking pit is simply a huge hole in the earth with 100 firing position. The pit is full of all kinds of stuff (bowling pins, plastic buckets, you name it). While you'll see a large number of people simply using it to fire off rounds as quickly as possible, it is great for doing drills and the like. It's also fun picking out multiple targets and transitioning between them. I've been to the ISRA range and ASC. Both are great, but lack anything like the plinking pit.

10-11-11, 21:29
I live on the border of Will and Kendall county so I am kind of in between buffalo and ASC. I have been to buffalo a few times, nice place and the plinking pit is fun. However, they are very strict on the specific ranges. The rifle range is bench shooting only and if you miss your target or hit the target holding device they will kick you out with a possible lifetime ban. Not what you want to hear if you are trying to zero new BUIS or sight of any sort. You are not allowed to do any dynamic type training and if you fire "too fast" on the ranges you will be kicked out also.

I have a friend who is going to sponsor me at ASC so I will "report" back after I have been there a while :big_boss:

10-11-11, 22:27
I've been a member @ the ASC since March of this year. I am now involved with the "Action shooting sports" commitee and the planning of our monthly "Practical rifle" event.

I am in the process of setting up a Kyle Defoor advanced carbine class and a Ken Hackathorn advanced pistol class both will be next May/2012.

The ASC is a great club and by far the best club in the area. Things are only getting better and better.

Dirty Dee
02-13-12, 23:43
Anyone have a suggestion for an outdoor rifle range in the southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois area?

I've been to the Bristol range, but wasn't a fan of the single load only rule for centerfire rifles.

02-13-12, 23:54

03-02-12, 19:20
Check out the Oak Park Sportsmans Club.


I have been a member for a few years. IMHO it is the best place near shitcago to shoot. It is off of I-55 in Plainfield.

Chance B.
03-02-12, 21:42
Check out the Oak Park Sportsmans Club.


I have been a member for a few years. IMHO it is the best place near shitcago to shoot. It is off of I-55 in Plainfield.

I had heard that they were not accepting new members. Has that changed?

03-02-12, 21:53
Check out the Oak Park Sportsmans Club.


I have been a member for a few years. IMHO it is the best place near shitcago to shoot. It is off of I-55 in Plainfield.

Would love to join this club as it is 5 miles from my house.... I just can't seem to get a response from anyone.

03-03-12, 06:05
I think I may have to check out ASC myself. I've heard nothing but good things.

03-03-12, 13:44
Oak Park takes new members every September. Membership is capped at 300. Every year about a dozen people decide to not renew. The easiest way to get sponsored in is to shoot one of the IDPA, PPC, Trap matches and ask for a sponsor. These matches are open to the public. The dates should be on the calendar. Once you have a sponsor you are placed on the waiting list.

I would be glad to sponsor you myself, but I have been too busy with work to make it to the club much lately.