View Full Version : What did you do today.

03-10-11, 13:27
Things are a little stale here so lets keep this rolling.

What did you do to train or practice today?

03-15-11, 21:34
Anyone. Anyone. Hello. Anyone there?

03-16-11, 13:34
I guess I'll start things off.
Yesterday practiced shotgun weakhand reloads followed by some burkett reloads w/ pistol.

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
04-11-11, 20:05
I've been shooting my .22 suppressed as to not wake the wife or neighbors...

Anyone going to 4/16/11 3 gun in biloxi? I'm planning on it.

12-14-13, 22:14
I was able to make another 100 fire starters. Small dixie cups filled 9/10th of the way with saw dust from workshop and splitting firewood . if your wife is anything like mine you I have plenty of used candles around the house.melt candle wax I use a cast iron pan and I'm just put it on top of my wood burner use some old Twine that I had and drag it through the wax letting it hang for 2 to 3 minutes to drip hard.after filling the cups with the sawdust I what a way slightly above height of the cup

12-14-13, 22:22
Thread died almost three years ago for lack of interest/participation. Let it rest in peace. :cool: