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03-10-11, 16:57
Anyone know anything about STS ARMS? They have a Ceramic type of coating they use and from what I hear its very reliable carbine. This what I hear but from one person. The coating is like the coating Rifle Dynamics uses. They also do some very good hand work with there paint. Let me know if anyone has any info on this .


STS Arms
03-31-11, 12:56
The coating used is NIC Industries Cerakote and a couple other products NIC provides but are brand new (and we can't yet talk about 'em). The company is brand new and hasn't had the time to make waves in the industry yet. The AR platform rifle is very reliable to begin with. Ceramics are slick and require less maintenance and smooth the operation of the firearm.

Custom color schemes and camo are available. We do very little stencil work as that's a real pain and we don't want to end up with the coating 1" thick on the gun using male stencils. Below are a couple of examples of the coating colors, etc.