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03-14-11, 19:04
First and foremost, I want to thank the staff here at M4C for allowing me to post this!! I didn't want to offend or intrude on any of the site(s) rules, so before posting I asked for permission and appreciate the help of Voodoochild as well as any other Administrators that helped in creating this. Their help and understanding is greatly appreciated.

My name is D. Kelman, I'm a current Detention Officer with the Harris County (TX) Sheriff's Office, and the Cadet Liaison for the Basic Peace Officer Course that our Reserve Academy is running.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Reserves is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to serve the citizens of Harris County.

We are comprised of over 200 men and women who volunteer their time and money to become fully qualified peace officers and serve our community. Our Reserves come from all walks of life and backgrounds. The Reserves have the same legal authority and responsibilities as regular Sheriff deputies except that they volunteer their services. As such, they are not employed officers and are not provided any financial benefits. In addition to law enforcement responsibilities, their public service obligations include philanthropic and charitable outreach. Our community outreach activities include the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the BoyScouts of America, the Santa Program at TCH, and MD Anderson’s Light the Night.

Each year we recruit and train two classes with a total of 60-70 cadets. Each class is year-long commitment in and requires over 800 hours of training. In 2010, we contributed 110,943 hours to the community at a savings of $3,203,763.00 to the citizens of Harris County.

We ask for your support. Through the generosity of individuals such as yourself and organizations we are able to provide required practical training and needed equipment. Please consider becoming a donor partner of the Reserve Command. Your donation not only benefits our organization, but assists our organization in meeting its philanthropic goals.

A tax exemption certificate will be sent out for anyone who decides to donate. Should you have any questions or concerns about payment processing the contact information for the Reserve Academy Captain can be provided upon request.

This is not limited to just Harris County or Texas residents. I will GLADLY send out the information to any person or business that decides to donate. We greatly appreciate any and all support from the local community, as well as the community abroad.

Thanks in advance for your support!

D. Kelman
Harris County Sheriff's Office BR2-2010 Cadet Liaison
"Walk with Pride, Serve with Honor"

(For anyone interested, I have the same basic letter as above on HCSO letterhead and signed by the Reserve Academy Lieutenant if needed for validity)

10-09-11, 17:56
I want to thank my m4carbine family for allowing me to post this again.

While I didn't get anyone to donate, I appreciate the views. A bunch of you took the time to see what this thread was about and whether you closed it in .05 seconds or read the whole thing - Thanks.

My class has our certification test on 10/24 and we graduate on 10/29. So wish us luck!

Thanks again gents.