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03-15-11, 01:40
For those of you that shot with us last year at GTA, I'd like to invite you back for another season. We've got a lot planned for the coming months. Just a few of the things on tap....

Basic and intermediate tactical rifle classes, basic and intermediate pistol classes, and a fighting shotgun class. We will have local instructors featured as well as some national names. Possibly a few VSM classes too, but it's still in the works.

We have two, one day AK operators classes featuring Larry Vickers coming up in July and Dave Harrington will be in town for a LEO class in September. Intersted LEOs, shoot me an e-mail for more info.

There are several different monthly matches being planned including IDPA, 3-gun, D-day, AK vs. AR and possibly a polymer match. In addition there will be monthly carbine and pistol study group, evening shoots.

We are also planning to construct a permanent shoot house that will be covered and rifle capable. Hopefully it will be up by mid-summer.

It's gonna be a busy year. So keep an eye on the web site for updates and announcements.


Spring can't get here quick enough.

Hope to see you on the range,
Scott Denniss
2011 Club President :D

04-22-11, 16:40
I've posted some pretty cool training on the GTA web site and in the Vickers Tactical section here on the forum. Anyone in NE Ohio or the surrounding areas has an excellent opportunity for some outstanding training. Just a few of the instructors coming in include Larry Vickers, Dave Harrington and Stony Smith.

On our web site the training is listed on the right hand side of the home page under other files.


See ya on the range,
Scott :D