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03-16-11, 16:31
I just received a new Geissele Hi-Speed trigger and was a bit confused by which springs to use to get to the DMR setup. I called Geissele and got the following information that I've listed below. After speaking with them I found that I did not receive a DMR trigger spring in the package and since I don't own a trigger pull gauge, I wanted the DMR trigger spring as a starting point. (Note - even though I didn't purchase the trigger directly from Geissele, they are sending me a DMR spring for $0) I hope this helps someone else. Please post any corrections. Thanks. - LanceW

The Geissele Hi-Speed trigger can be set up in these 3 different configurations:
Match 2.25-3.375 lb
DMR 3.0-5.1 lb
Service 3.7-6.5 lb

Springs Overview
The Hi-Speed trigger assembly utilizes three springs: the trigger spring, the hammer spring, and the small disconnector spring.

Trigger Spring
Match - Gold, 2 lbs
DMR - Black, 3 lbs
Service - Black, 4 lbs

Hammer Spring
All 3 configurations use the same hammer spring: Black, “Standard” spring.

Disconnector Spring
There are 2 different disconnector springs: the lighter Match, and the heavier Service.

Trigger/Spring Configurations
Match - Match trigger spring, Standard hammer spring, Match disconnector spring
DMR - DMR trigger spring, Standard hammer spring, Service disconnector spring
Service - Service trigger spring, Standard hammer spring, Service disconnector spring

03-17-11, 16:07
The trigger spring in my DMR is black.