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03-18-11, 00:17
Anyone in the KC metro, (Eastern Kansas/Western Missouri) side have a DD RIS II (or possibly a Lite Rail/Omega X) equipped rifle I could handle?

I'm trying to get some hands-on different rail systems in order to make an educated decision about my next purchase. As I'm sure most know, it's difficult finding any reputable 'gun stores' in the area that carry DD/BCM/Larue, etc...

I'm currently running a Troy TRX Extreme. Awesome size, but I'm looking at something with a little more robust attachment system.

Thanks ahead of time for any help!

03-18-11, 03:54
I'm on the opposite side of the state from you, but I just went from a TRX Extreme to a DD RIS-II.

I had a DD Lite on a previous upper, and while very robust and lightweight, I wasn't a huge fan of the vertical oval feel of the profile.

The RIS-II has a better feel to it. Of course, the bolt-up system is dead nuts tough. My favorite thing about it is not having to index a barrel nut. Just tighten the thing.

I do like the RIS-II a great deal more than the TRX, but you have to remember its twice as much. I like having the capability of taking off the lower rail to clean the barrel/inner portion of the RIS. Where I didn't like the TRX as much was just having the two screws holding the whole thing on. Small screws at that. I just had a feeling if it was something I took on and off too much, it was going to be a problem.

The RIS-II is a pain to take off, if you're removing the whole unit, but I had no doubts that it would tolerate this well. The screws (bolts) aren't as small.

Every Troy rail I've owned, and granted there's only been two, have always sat slightly off my upper receiver rail. IIRC, the Troy would always sit a tick low. Nothing huge, but it annoyed me. This was with a DD and a Noveske receiver. The RIS-II and the Lite both mated up PERFECTLY to a DD and Noveske upper receiver.

The machine work on the RIS-II is nothing short of beautiful. Slightly more so than the Lite.

I will only use DD rails from now on. They are the Schmidt & Bender of rail systems.

03-18-11, 13:14
I really appreciate the information. That is exactly the setup I'm looking at going to, as, to your point, I too don't like the idea of having too 'ovate' of a handguard, like the Lite/Omega X rail. (I guess I've been spoiled by the smaller diameter handguard trend).

I have average sized hands, and I use a thumb-over-the top grip with no VFG technique. Do you feel like the overall circumference of the RIS II would allow me to grip it in the same fashion? It was easy with the TRX/VTAC Extreme, so I am really wanting to be able to replicate my current technique.

Thanks again.

03-18-11, 14:55
Yes, much more so than the DD Lite rail.

The lower rail of the DD RIS-II is pretty close to the barrel. The extra width over the TRX fills up the hand, for lack of a better phrase.

You can fine tune this feel with rail covers. Some add a lot of thickness, some not at all.

On my lower rail, to the front and rear of my AFG is Magpul XT panels. I also use XTs on the sides up until the AFG. Forward of that I use the ladder covers that came with the RIS II.

I think DD could clean up if they incorporated the bolt-up design with a tubular, rail where you need it design. Maybe incorporate something where the rail hardware was captured on the inside to make it easier to move the rail.