View Full Version : Northwest Louisiana sound off!!!

Evil Colt 6920
03-18-11, 19:12
Anyone here in northwest Louisiana? I'm in Shreveport looking for a place to shoot. :cool:

03-23-11, 21:09
I'm down in Metairie. You may check on BayouShooter.com. They seem to have more guys in your area.

Welcome! :)

Evil Colt 6920
03-24-11, 06:34
Thanks I'll take a look.

Evil Colt 6920
01-20-12, 09:24
Anyone shoot at Longe Range Alley in Grand Cane? I think they charge around $300 for yearly memberships. Im only 15-20 minutes from there and considering joining.

06-12-13, 16:31
Longrange alley is GTG. Bodcau in the Princeton area (Bossier Parish) is also ok(and free).