View Full Version : RSR Defense Holsters

09-21-07, 20:59
Just recently purchased the RSR Defense OWB holster/Mag carrier and i have to say it is pretty nice. Well built and made I took a side by side comparison with a SERPA to give you a good look.



Robb Jensen
09-21-07, 22:50
For a right handed shooter the left most mag is in the pouch backwards..........mags should be in the pouches rounds go bullets pointing forward. ;)

That way you don't have to roll your wrist to bring the mag to the gun. As 'Travis' (SIMPLYDYNAMIC) has said "Time is life".

09-22-07, 13:31
I shall alter my settings then I just got it yesterday but will make changes. Overall it is good to go I like it better than the SERPA. and only 29 bucks for both the holster and mag pouch.