View Full Version : Easter sunday night shoot.

04-21-11, 04:01
Me and penzoil are planning a night shoot this sunday at flatiron mountain out past buckeye. Anyone wants to come do some night training is welcome. :D

I'll probably be out there a little earlier, like in the late afternoon, setting up and maybe doing some drills or something.

04-22-11, 17:11
Should be a good time mixing in some pistol and rifle low light practice. Planning to work on a number of different pistol drills FAST, bill drill, Givens core skill test, etc with varying amount of light. Tom usually has the rifle drills and is a good training partner I meet at a VSM class awhile back.

This shooting location is new to me so contact Tom if you need directions.

04-22-11, 17:22
I would be interested any other time but I'm going to be having some full-auto fun tomorrow with some members of MCSO SWAT, probably using way too much ammo.