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04-26-11, 18:54
Update at end of post.

Hate to do this but...

As some of you know, I'm looking into buying an M&P 9C.
I already put a post out about pre-buy questions, which helped a lot in deciding some things.

However, I'm still a little hung up on some minor issues that I just can't get around. I've come to the conclusion that the reason for this is that I am unable to get my hands on the product in the configuration I'm looking for.

So now for the groveling:

Does anyone in the Southern VA area, or So. Richmond area have and M&PC (preferably 9mm), with Apex DCAEK installed? Preferably one each with safety/no safety? RAM would be an extra bonus, but not imperative.

If so, is there any way we can possibly get together so I can at least handle/dry fire the gun?

I am located:
45 min. from Farmville
45 min. from South Hill
45 min. from Blackstone
15 min. from Keysville

For Richmond area:
Aprox. 1- 1.5 Hrs. from the Hull street area (Costco), as well as the
Chesterfield Towne Center (Mall on Midlothian Tpke., 20-30 min. from Short Pump area).
I go up to that area fairly often, so I would be willing to drive there and meet up (somewhere where I can point a gun around without getting arrested.:laugh:).

So for the folks here- thanks for your offers. Sorry I didn't get back to any of you, but after a few weeks of no replies I kind of forgot about this post.... my bad.
Anyway- after much researching (and then hunting:rolleyes:) I finally just jumped in with both feet and got the 9C with the whole Apex shebang (DCAEK+RAM). So far it's working out good- trigger's going to take a little getting used to, but it's much better than the stock triggers on the guns I've tried previously.
Thanks to G&R for putting it all together and putting up with my pestering.:happy:


07-19-11, 18:37

I have one with the Apex DCAEK and RAM installed. I know you are not near me, but if for some reason you come up to the area you can handle mine. If it falls on one of my range dates you might even be able to shoot it depending on what kind of class or training I am teaching / doing.

Good luck finding one down South.

07-19-11, 19:42
Long shot but if you are ever in CT I have a M&P9c and M&P45mid both with DCAEK kits. If you are up this way you are more than welcome to examine and test fire them at our local range.


07-20-11, 00:02
I traded a 9c w/DCAEK/no safety to a colleague who geo-bachelors up here from Newport News. I can see if he can drag it from his wife's clutches for a bit.

She's a cop, and she likes that gun, so he may get shot (hey, I SAID he was a colleague, not a friend...).

Lemme know if that sounds worthwhile.