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04-29-11, 11:33
Anyone from the Ft. Sill area? I recently received a job offer there and was wondering what the area was like. What are the good towns, neighborhoods, and schools? Is there anything to stay away from? If anyone has info that they think would helpful please feel free to post it.

04-29-11, 11:50
PM SethB, he will tell you all about it. Not much good to say though.

04-29-11, 11:58
Is there anything to stay away from?

Yeah, Ft. Sill:sarcastic: Seriously though there are worse places, but I would have to be offered some serious coin to move there.

04-29-11, 12:22
My Dad was stationed there when I was a 'handful' of a teenager. I spent a month in the summer out there with him. You soon learn what a mechanized infantry base does at 2am.....BOOM!

It's wide-the-f open and hot...you can visit Geronimo's grave or drive up to Lake Elmer Thomas (if they don't hit the road as a result of under shooting the impact areas.)

It was a cool time as a kid I guess and I imagine much has changed in 30+ years.

04-29-11, 13:41
This was pretty much the response I was expecting. Lawton sounds like your typical military town. I was interested in some of the smaller communities a little farther out. I will drop SethB a PM.

As far as the heat, I now live just about four hours south so I donít thatís going to be much different.

I would not say they are offering me serious coin but itís better than unemployment and itís a Fed job with Fed benefits. With my wifeís income we will be doing pretty well for the first time in a few years.

The funny part is that I applied for the job in Dec. of 2010 and they called me the other day with an offer. They never even interviewed me, just an offer. Maybe I was the last one on the list and the only one dumb enough to say yes. :sarcastic:

04-29-11, 13:58
This was pretty much the response I was expecting. Lawton sounds like your typical military town. I was interested in some of the smaller communities a little farther out.

I'm from a small town just a bit north and east of Lawton - Rush Springs. I'd recommend looking towards Duncan, pretty much due east of Lawton, if you want a smaller town that's still decent sized enough to have some "stuff". Just north of there is Marlow which is smaller but a decent little town, just not with as much to do. Living in Marlow you'll find yourself running to Duncan for things often. It might be a good option if you need/want a smaller school for kids.

Lawton itself is a pretty rough town, kind of a shithole in my opinion. There's lots to do outdoors around there with the wildlife refuge and mountains. It's got it's own sort of rugged beauty.

--Josh H.

04-30-11, 00:16
Look in the areas around Lawton. The further away the better.

The square mile downtown is the ghetto.

Lawton is a rough place. Lots of crime. Some minor. Some not.

And there are no upsides to living there.

04-30-11, 05:21
Being a cop in Oklahoma and having met some Lawton guys, the only thing I can think of when asked about the city is that their Gang Unit has it's hands full and then some. Take it for what it's worth.

04-30-11, 05:47
I did a tour there at USAFAS; one of the best tours of my life. However, down town Lawton generally sucks, live on the out skirts or on base if possible.

On the bright side the cost of living is low, weapons laws in OK are pretty good and you are close to both Dallas and OKC.

04-30-11, 09:09
Thanks for all the input guys.

Some of the places we are looking at are Elgin as well as Duncan. I would like to keep the commute under 30min and Duncan looks like it will be about 45min. However I will take a longer commute if it means living in a good place.