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04-29-11, 12:47

First and foremost, I would like to say "thanks" to all the folks to post on this site. I've been lurking for a while and have learned a great deal from you.

What recommendations would you have for a good range (or general place to shoot) in the Akron area (within an hours drive or so)? So far, I've been frequenting The Riverside Range in Cuy. Falls for indoor shooting (GREAT people and tactical rifle friendly btw). Now that the weather is getting better I'd like to get out and stretch my legs and do some actual training. Somewhere where you aren't just confined to a bench would be ideal. Thanks for your input!

05-02-11, 00:07
I have been a member at Kelbly's range since I was a kid. It is ok to work on drills during times when it is not crowded during the week. It is hit or miss. It is more of a bench rest range, but does have a 7 yard, 25 yard, 50,100, and 200 yard.

Might try Tusco by midvale. It is a little farther away. Check out Grant's free training thread here also.https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=76674

The range web site.

05-02-11, 17:30
The Marksman (http://www.themarksmanrange.com/) indoor range on Barber Rd. in Norton. Nice pistol range and a great archery range with a mediocre pro shop.

05-13-11, 19:36
I'm partial to Tusco as I have been shooting there since I was a kid, even though I now live 45 minutes away, you can't beat the price or facility!. Greenport Tactical just South of Canton on Rt. 43 has a very nice program going on in the warmer months and Midwest gun club (indoor only) in Canal Fulton is a good place as well. All three have websites with further details.

05-23-11, 10:43
Mapleton Gun Club is south of Canton on rt 44. It's a trap club but has several rifle benches. You would need your own target stand. it's a 100 yeard range and we do out qualifying there, so moving around isn't a problem. It's also only $20 a year.

05-27-11, 07:21
Thanks for the replies fellas. Does anyone have experience with Canton McKinley Rifle & Pistol Club? I've heard a few positives and a few negatives. I'd like to see what the guys on this board have to say about it.

05-27-11, 08:17
Thanks for the replies fellas. Does anyone have experience with Canton McKinley Rifle & Pistol Club? I've heard a few positives and a few negatives. I'd like to see what the guys on this board have to say about it.

Yes. Not really the place to run your AR (especially if you want to run it hard).

We have a carbine and pistol class this Saturday at Tusco and have ONE open slot left. Come on down.


Coconut Pete
10-28-11, 10:37
I have been a member of Canton McKinley RIfle & Pistol Club for about a year and a half now. I do not think I am going to renew my membership next year. It is a great range, it just does not suit my needs. This has been my experience, I am not intending to slam the club in any way or its members. Just trying to relay some things I have experienced along the way.

There are 4 ranges.
1) indoor pistol
2) 100 & 200 Yard Rifle (Covered with bench)
3) 25 & 50 Yard "Pistol" (non covered with bench) that you can shoot a rifle at as well
4) A general purpose range. 0-50 yard range you can move forward or work on moving drills etc. (it is covered and has benches at the 50 yard point)

- Wednesday's the 100/200 and the GP are used by the rifle team they have. You can still shoot but only from the covered benches.
- You are not allowed to do holster work as per the handbook. So, transition drills are not an option.
- The indoor range is behind a sensor badged locked door that you have to have someone let you into. You also have to attend a class before allowed to shoot indoors as stated in the new member briefing.

I LOVE the concept of the different ranges based on the shooters needs. However the application is what needs work.

Almost ever time I have been there I have went to set up at the GP range and someone has been firing from the bench at 50 yards. So I will patiently wait until the hour is over and go start to set up my things. Not really a huge deal, but it is frustrating when there are 50 positions less then 15 feet away they could be firing from on the "Pistol" range. If you want to shoot from say the 10 Yard line or do some drills that require movement you have only one range you can do that from and that is only IF nobody else is shooting. You are not allowed to move forward of the firing line on the 25/50 or the 100/200.

The club's rule is the first person shooting has the range for an hour then will surrender the range to the person waiting (assuming one wants to shoot at a closer distance than the original shooter). I have no problem with that. A few times I have even had members that wanted to work from the 10 yard mark on pistol fundamentals when it was still "my" range and I have joined them on the line and had a great time.

I have also got into a debate with a member that wanted to shoot on the GP from the 50 yard bench about the time the current shooter was allotted the range. So basically I ended up waiting an hour, I shot 30 minutes, and was hurried off the range. Now I bring the member handbook with me, but it is still a hassle.

If you are looking for a range to do training in I would recommend another place. If you are looking for a place to meet fellow shooters, get into competition shooting, or just go kick off some rounds a few times a year and have no real time restrictions the place would be great.