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05-08-11, 22:50
Hi there,

I live in the Dayton area in Ohio. does anyone know of any good surplus shop's that are around anymore? The only one I knew about was down off Watervliet Ave, it's called Arms Depot. The guy doesn't sell gun's or ammo anymore.

I am looking for a place that sells surplus ammo and parts, also looking for some clip latch spring's for my M1 Garand, went to the range over the weekend and the nclip was popping out prematurely. I have tried google and only came up with one site that had them in stock but, they do not look the best of quality. Anyone know of a place I can buy these. Please let me know of any good shop's or websites, thank you in advance.



05-09-11, 22:44
Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of 'surplus gun' anything in Dayton anymore. No good local gunsmiths to recommend either.

The web would be your best chance. Try here: http://www.gunpartscorp.com/

05-10-11, 01:55
Okay, I'll check that site out, thank you Wicked for replying. That's a shame there is not even, any good gunsmith's.

05-13-11, 19:41
Aim surplus in Middletown OH down your way has good prices on ammo.

05-13-11, 19:51
I totally forgot about them since they changed their polices. Thanks Popo for the link, looks like they have some good deal's on ammo.