View Full Version : Alaska Kenai USPSA Match Shooting videos from 5-8-11

05-10-11, 14:25
This took place at the Snowshoe gun club in Kenai. Here is the web page.

This was stage one but my squad shot it towards the end. The stage before this I had to drop my mag in the sand. I forgot my mag brush and was not able to clean int properly so as you can see I had several feeding issues on the first 2 targets. I reloaded and no more issues.


This was a simple standards stage at 35 yards. 3 targets virginia count. I had to fire 2 rounds to each target standing to a mandatory reload and shoot 2 rounds to each target again kneeling. I had 6 A's 5C's 1 D.

Sorry my camera man fell asleep on that one.
My camera man did not film my open gun run. But I actually shot better with my limited gun.7.3 seconds with 1 point down.

This was the side match. I love my Saiga it rocks.


I got 6th place out of 19 shooters.

08-10-11, 16:01
Fantastic, looking forward to this next summer!