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05-11-11, 15:57
The May/2011 Practical Rifle event is fast approaching and will be held on Saturday 28/May/2011 @ 0930hrs. This thread will give the regular attendees a brief on the scheduled stages for this months event. It will also give new shooters who are considering attending an idea of what to expect and what is required.
Stage #1: is a slight variation on a stage I copied from “StageExchange.com” called “Parking lot Lottery”: http://www.stageexchange.com/Parking%20Lot%20Lottery%20Rifle.pdf

It will be set up the same as shown in the link above, but instead of the steel poppers we will just partially obscure targets # 1, 3, 7 and 9 with white IPSC targets.

Distance: Targets 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, & 9 @ 25 yards. Targets 4, 5, & 6 @ 7 yards.
Targets 4, 5, & 6 will be engaged while moving from shooting box A to box B (or visa-versa/shooters preference).

*22 rounds max loaded in (1) magazine. 90 points max. *Any rounds fired over the max allowed 22 rounds will be counted as a -10 point penalty.
Stage #2: is a 100 yard position shooting stage I designed. We will be shooting from (3) different barricades using (3) different shooting positions....

*15 hits on the B/C Zone steel target are required in order to get all of the possible 75 points for the stage (5 rounds from each barricade/shooting position). Misses from each shooting position will be counted as a -5 point penalty.

*Shooters are only allowed to expend (1) magazine (6 rounds total) from each position. If you fire all 6 rounds from a magazine on target from any of the barricades, you must reload and then move to the next barricade. Misses on each position will be counted as a -5 point penalty.

*Barricade #1 is designed to replicate a parked vehicle. We will shoot from the PRONE position from underneath the “vehicle” barricade.

*Barricade #2 is designed to replicate the front steps/porch of a home. We will shoot from the Supported-KNEELING position from the “Front steps” barricade.

*Barricade #3 will be one of the VTAC barricades. We will shoot from the Supported-STANDING position from the side of the VTAC barricade using one of the side step cuts for support.

*Each shooter will be required to carry a total of (3) magazines for this stage. Each magazine can only be loaded with a maximum of (6) rounds for a total of (18) rounds available to shoot the entire stage, giving you only (3) extra rounds to make up for misses on the steel target.

* 75 points total possible which will be factored in with your final time.
Stage #3: is a slight variation on a stage called "Around the World" that was done at last years NPRC (National Patrol Rifle Competition) in Canton, MI last year. It's an "Ass-Kicker". We will be setting it up & running it nearly the same as in this pdf link here: http://www.centermassinc.com/files/39371555.pdf, except we will use one IPSC cardboard target for each shooter instead of the humanoid target. We hope to have 3 to 5 shooting positions set-up so we can run as many shooters at one time....

Load: 30 rounds (two mags with 15 & 15 rounds respectively)

Range: 50 yards

Time: 3:45

*Each shooter will place their rifle on the ground directly behind their shooting position with the muzzle oriented downrange in the "Cruiser Ready" condition: (on SAFE, empty chamber, loaded magazine inserted).

*On the command to "GO" or the beep of the shot timer, the shooters will run from their shooting position (without their rifle), back to a cone located 25 yards behind the line of fire, and then run back to their shooting position where they will then pick-up their rifle and charge a round into the chamber. Without further command, each shooter will begin shooting by firing one round at their target from the STANDING position. The shooter must then take their finger off of the trigger/outside of the trigger guard and place their rifle on "SAFE" prior to moving to the next position.

*Each shooter will then move to either side of the barricade (shooters preference), and fire one round from the PRONE position. The shooter must then take their finger off of the trigger/outside of the trigger guard and place their rifle on "SAFE" prior to moving to the next position.

*Each shooter will then move to the opposite side of the barricade and fire one round from the KNEELING position. The shooter must then take their finger off of the trigger/outside of the trigger guard and place their rifle on "SAFE" prior to moving to the next position.

*The shooter will then return to the STANDING position and again fire one round at their target and repeat the triangle – (Standing, prone, kneeling) 9 more times/repetitions until all 30 rounds are fired.

*Each shooter will need to reload half way through the drill (after their 5th repetition) with their second 15rd magazine.


*Max score possible: 750 points

Body: ("A" and "C" zone of the IPSC only/"D" zone counts as a "MISS") 10 points per hit
Head: 25 points (Entire "A" and "B" head box of the IPSC)
Miss: -5 points (Is anything not within the designated scoring rings)
No shot: 0 points (No penalty for shots not taken)


1. You must place the rifle on safe before moving to the next position. Failure to do so can result in disqualification.
2. If you are caught firing two rounds form one position you will be disqualified and receive a "DNF" for the stage.


Disclaimer & Requirements:
The Practical Rifle events at the Aurora Sportsman’s Club are not super high speed as we always need to take a wide range of skill levels into account, but the Practical Rifle event is not for shooters who have never fired a rifle before.

Shooters attending the ASC’s Practical Rifle events need to have a solid practical understanding of the fundamentals of shooting and safely manipulating (loading/un-loading, trigger finger placement, muzzle discipline, etc.) their rifles. Prior formal instruction on shooting a semi-automatic rifle is highly recommended.

*ALL shooters must bring their own eye & ear protection.

*ALL shooters must provide their own ammunition.

*NO steel core or “Armor piercing” ammunition will be allowed on stages that use steel targets (No exceptions).

General info:
Action Shooting Sports at Aurora Sportsmen’s Club
Practical Rifle 4th Saturday of Each Month

The purpose of Practical Rifle is both competition and skills development. Shooters typically use modern magazine fed semi- automatic weapons such as AR-15s, AK-47 variants etc. Shooters challenge themselves by facing new tasks and situations each month.
This is an opportunity to get your rifle "off the bench" and test your marksmanship skills while developing new skills most can't practice on the range. Shooters should plan on firing about 100 rounds.

Shooters MUST be present and registered in time for the safety brief beginning at 9:30 am. If you arrive early, help setting up is always appreciated. Cost is $10 for ASC members, $20 non-members.

Practical Rifle events use the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) rules for our events.This is to ensure all participants are on the same page, the most important thing to know is the range commands.

Questions? See the Action Shooting Sports area of our website at www.AuroraSC.org

05-13-11, 21:46
Original post updated with stage #3 description.

Unfortunately I slipped a disc in my lower back yesterday and went to the ER in probably the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I will be out at the ASC to RSO and assist with set-up as much as I can. I really hope I can shoot as I am really looking forward to shooting all three of these stages.

See ya in two weeks!

05-20-11, 20:41
Pretty good news from the doc today. The MRI shows two mild/moderately bulged discs. Im feeling much better and plan to be there for sure next week for the P/R. I'll have to take it easy, but I will be shootin'. See y'all next week....:D

05-24-11, 15:57
It would suck if you couldn't shoot your own course. Good to hear your back is not too bad and getting better. I should be able to make this one.

05-27-11, 17:28
Weather looks like it will hold out for us until we are done shooting tomorrow:)