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05-11-11, 16:05
Hello California shooters,

Have any of you taken an ITTS Carbine course? I have Mr. Reitz's book, and I'm very interested in some of his firearm and LEO courses. If you have taken any courses through ITTS, please share your experience(s).

Thanks. V/R,


05-20-11, 17:10
I have not taken any rifle training from him, but I have taken his Vehicle Stops/Assaults course. It was excellent, so good in fact I plan on taking it again this year or next.

I thoroughly enjoy how "Uncle Scotty" debriefs different shootings that he was either involved in or sat on the board of.

Be warned that he DESPISES the 9mm and has no problem saying so. He teaches the Weaver stance as well and can shoot damn well using it! These aren't criticisms per se, just points that are different than the majority of the "top" instructors and some would argue are dated ideas or techniques.

My only criticism is on the admin side of things. I sent numerous emails and left numerous messages trying to obtain information and never received any responses. I would have signed up for 2 additional classes had I ever gotten a response back.

05-24-11, 12:33
Thanks for the response. I'm looking forward to taking a couple courses from them. I really enjoyed Reitz's book too.

Take care,