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06-02-11, 13:03
I'm looking to switch from Tri-County Gun Club to a range that can (and is willing to) handle the kind of training we do at PNW events. I've really liked the PNW events hosted by bkb out in Clatskanie, but that drive is too far for me on a result basis.

I noticed there's a range down in Dundee that reminds me of the Clatskanie range: Chehalem Valley Sportsman Club (http://www.cvsc.us/). Is anybody familiar with it? Would it be suitable for PNW-style events and/or individual practice?

Any other ranges I should be considering? I'm in the SW Portland area (Tigard).

12-19-11, 17:20
I'm in the same boat.

I haven't had any luck finding a range that accommodates this type of shooting. I've given up at this point and am planning to join Tri-County. At least they have the action pistol range and the option for some 100-300 yard prone work with the carbine.

Would love to hear about any options that you're able to identify.

Good luck.

12-19-11, 18:14
I know a couple new members at Chehalem Valley Sportsman Club (http://cvsc.us) near Dundee who say it is somewhat workable there. The pistol bays are great and allow for good pistol training. Unfortunately, the pistol bays do not permit rifle calibers. The single rifle bay obviously does, but only if you have the range to yourself (not sure about reserving a range), and I would be nervous about folks showing up while your downrange not noticing the sign you set up at the firing benches. So good for pistol, dicey for carbine. Members who know better than I, please chime in.

So I still prefer the setup at Clatskanie, but the drive is too much for me.

12-19-11, 18:17
Tri-County Gun Club (http://www.tcgc.org) in Sherwood, in their most recent newsletter, announced that starting January 1 they will be converting the rimfire range into an Action Rifle range.

Anybody have more details on that? Could be ideal, but the devil will be in the range rule details, I suppose.

ETA: A post on TOS that talks about this: link (http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_8_36/471019_Action_Rifle_range_.html&page=1#i5074513).

12-19-11, 18:31
You still can't go muzzle up at TCGC, which is a deal killer for me.

12-19-11, 18:36
You still can't go muzzle up at TCGC, which is a deal killer for me.

Where do you go for informal training/practice (as opposed to formal classes like the Magpul ones you did at Douglas Ridge)?

12-20-11, 13:43
I don't know of any other options. With the addition of the practical rifle range, tcgc seems like the best/only option, even with the 'muzzle-up' ban?

At this point I just need somewhere to shoot. I would consider other options if they were available...