View Full Version : June 25th North Carolina Designated Marksman Match

06-13-11, 19:19
Look forward to seeing everyone there. This is a great match!!

Morning Match:
Designated Marksmen Match will be a two shooter event. Same format as last match. Both shooters must shoot their own rifle. 6 Stages with 6 steel targets per stage at distances 100yds to 500yds. This is a timed event with 6:00 minutes per stage.

Afternoon Match:
Long range single shooter event. Shooters will engage 3 targets from a 2nd story window. Targets will be metal IDPA targets.
1st target will be a 25% target at 300yds.
2nd target 45% at 600yds.
3rd target will be a full size at 800+ yds.
Shooter has two chances to hit target on their first run. If you miss any target both times you are done. Everyone who hits the 3rd target shoots again. Shooters will shoot same order and given 1 shot per target. If you miss you are done. All shooters who make it to the shoot-out will be shooting the 800+ yd. target then a 12" plate at same distance untill one man is left.

* Designated Marksmen match fee:$35.00 per shooter
* Long Range match fee:$15.00 per shooter(must be registered for DM Match to shoot LR Match)
*Pre-registeration is required! SPACE IS LIMITED
*Lunch will be served.
*Check-in 7:00 AM
*Location of match:960 Christain Chapel Rd. New Hill NC.
*Call Damon Woodall @919-422-6465 for info

07-03-11, 14:20
Link to photos of match:

It was a great day with a fantastic bunch of shooters.