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06-17-11, 17:54
I am interested in attending a quality training class for my carbine. I live near San Diego. I can easily travel to the Los Angeles area or to the Yuma, AZ area. In order to keep it affordable, I would need to stay relatively local. Can anyone recommend something in this godforsaken corner of Kalifornia.

06-17-11, 18:29
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06-18-11, 00:11
ITTS is based out of the greater LA area and "Uncle Scotty" Reitz is an excellent instructor. If you google International Tactical Training Seminars, you will find his website. Grey Group routinely has classes at the Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino, CA with Larry Vickers, TigerSwan, Mike Pannone and others. Best of luck.

06-18-11, 01:45
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06-18-11, 13:11
I am in San Diego as well and would like to take another class. I did a basic handgun/carbine one day with Stone Cobra and it was great but they're in Nor Cal

06-18-11, 14:18
I'm in the LA area but I will gladly come down to San Diego if someone wants to host a carbine or pistol class...

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06-19-11, 01:13
Falcon Security Group http://falconsecurity.us/ has courses at various Socal venues. I'm attending my first FSG class on 25 June at Raahauge's in Norco. They'll also host a Carbine I & II course in July if you can make it. Just recently I attended Jason Falla's (Redback 1) Advanced Carbine Course at LA's Eagle's Nest. Very cool, course if you can attend one of Jason's classes. You can find the AAR under the Grey Group Training threads.

10-13-11, 23:09
Sounds like something I would like to get into as well.