View Full Version : Seattle area Sig armorer?

06-17-11, 23:23
I hope this is a good place to post this. I am looking to find a certified Sig armorer in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I have a Sig P228 that could use a little attention.
Thanks for any help.

06-18-11, 16:31
There is one south of Everett last time I lived there by the Home Depot cant remember the name of the shop. Look on Sigs sight maybe.

01-04-12, 13:39
I'm not an armorer but I could probably do anything you need. I've spent hundreds of hours at Bruces shop working on my own stuff as well as others, unofficially. If you just need help in learning how to tear it down to detail it it's simple enough to teach you.

04-29-12, 02:45
im in lakewood/tacoma area at surplus ammo and arms if you need any thing let me know where we can help. http://surplusammoandarms.com/