View Full Version : Precision Rifle Training, Long Range, in Va, NC?

06-27-11, 14:21
i am looking for some long range precision rifle courses in VA, NC, WVA. I am in touch with CVT and USTC are there any others?

07-05-11, 19:34
I'm not sure if there are any others. What I do know is that I've trained with Vern at CVT, and if he is still involved in teaching, you will learn a TON from him. Vern not only teaches the "what" and the "how," but the "why" as well. It's well worth the time and cost.

02-29-12, 11:41
Is this still the only game in town?

03-07-12, 13:08
Appleseed is cheap and great for long range shooting. reasonable price $70 for 2 days. Great history lesson on our great country.

Focus on iron sights.

Do you have vern cvt link?

03-07-12, 13:23
Appleseed huh...

Never done it. Looking to get my wife into shooting and she's going to want something non-tactical.

A quick googling led me to March 17-18 event in Mechanicsville, VA.

03-07-12, 14:11
Appleseed is pretty cool, I think women and children get an even better price. The people are very women and children friendly - last time I went there were 4 or 5 women and children shooting 22 mostly. I was the only one there with an AK, got some weird looks at first. Some guys shooting SKS and AR as well.

It's pretty much firing from the line from different positions, no tacticool crap. Focus on the basics, not equipment, etc. Basics, sling shooting, iron sights.

Massad Ayoob went to one and did a very positive review. Even he struggles to get the rifleman patch. You can search for it.


The Montpellier VA location I went to only had a 25 yd space, so we shot AQTs. Dunno about Mechanicsville.

The history lessons during lunch are not to be missed. They go over the events leading up to and including the Revolutionary War and what our forefathers had to go through. You realize how important guns are to our freedom. I've never been prouder to be an American.

I like the emphasis on basics. All these guys are volunteers so they don't gouge you on price. We need more courses like these so more people can attend, learn the history behind why being armed is so important, and basic gun skills. I wish they had an appleseed for pistols and other stuff.