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06-28-11, 16:07
First off let me thank you for coming over to check out our forum. It is dedicated to our tactical firearms and gear TV show (TACTV) which can be seen on Sportsman Channel or via special episodes, which are available with bonus content on our website www.TACTV.net. Right up front I want to thank the M4carbine.net staff for supporting the show and for hosting and moderating the forum. Myself and the crew really appreciate it. So here goes; rules and guidelines for posting and interacting on the TACTV forum;

Rule 1) Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Do not say anything here that you would not say to someone’s face - you are an invited guest here so conduct yourself accordingly.

Rule 2) Personal attacks with not be tolerated. We invite lively discussion but if you cross the line you will be gone- period. Frank and honest debate and interaction is encouraged but keep it professional - respect your fellow forum member.

Rule 3) If your screen name is NOT your real name you MUST post your real name (first and last name) somewhere in your post- preferably at the beginning or the end and not in the middle of the post. Of course if anyone uses a fake name you will be banned without warning. This is all about owning up to what you write here.

Rule 4) Please be as specific as possible in your posts - I have done over 60 tactical firearms episodes including my earlier shows ( Tactical Impact and Tactical Arms) and it is easy to get confused. You can reference an earlier show here but help to keep everyone on track by being specific.

Last but not least we plan on using this forum to get input on what our viewers like and dislike about our show. We have in the past, and will in the future, incorporate viewer suggestions for future episodes. Myself, my director, and the whole crew are very busy so don't take it personal if we don't use your suggestion or respond to you post. Never the less, we want to hear from you and we value your input.

Be safe and enjoy the show!!

Larry Vickers