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07-20-11, 07:36
Is it considered appropriate to use this tool for reporting off-topic posts? By "off-topic" I do not mean firearms related, or otherwise tangential posts, but outright irrelevant posts. Examples may include "use the search newb" types of posts, as well as the inevitable "be nice to the newbs" responses and the discussion that ensues that has nothing at all to do with the topic at hand.

If it is not appropriate to use "report post" for this, what is the alternate way of reigning in this nonsense? IMO as soon as the thread devolves into discussing the thread, the posters, or the forum at large it has not only gotten severely off-track but is almost always completely hijacked from that point on.

08-04-11, 10:18
I dunno if this got answered or not, but in the same vein as the "If you see something, SAY something" campaign, yes, use Report Post. We can't be everywhere at once.

At a minimum, it flags something for review by mods. It doesn't automatically mean that any action will be taken, it simply guarantees a review.

Action will be taken based on the merit of the notice and the content that inspired it, as judged within the framework of both the intent and the letter of the forum's posting rules.

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08-04-11, 10:58
...THOUGHT you'd like that one.... :jester: