View Full Version : SC Upstate Meet Saturday August 13th Skip J Range

07-26-11, 05:56
Let's get together and have a drills/practice day prior to the Skip J Carbine August Carbine Match. I will be there setting up around 8 am, ready to shoot at 9. We will do various drills to help address some of the problems I see guys having at the match. I know the heat has been bad, so we'll plan on shooting till around 2 pm. This will be a rain or shine meet. If guys are not give out by 2 pm, we'll carry on until you guys are ready to leave. I will bring targets/props, so all you'll really need is your:

at least 3 mags
some way of magazine carriage
at least 150 rounds of ammo
eye/ear protection
and $12 fee for range usage (this goes to Skip J not myself)

If you don't have enough mags, come on anyway, I have a few I can lend out.

I will also have one of Ned Christenson's 5.56mm chamber reamers and a moacks tool with me, so if you need that work done, it's a good opportunity to take care of those issues.

I would like to get an idea of who is coming, so email me at chadlatham at bellsouth.net so I can put your name down. Feel free to contact me with any questions. This will be the 1st meet. I would like to atleast get bi-monthly meets going to begin with. I would also like to get something started down at Mid Carolina if anyone has any contacts down there, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you guys there.

Here is Skip J's website, and the directions page. There is a bridge out on the main road in, so make sure to pay attention to the alternative directions.

08-08-11, 07:35

I plan on being there and looking forward to it.

It would be nice to have as many upstate M4C members as possible at this. It is always nice to put faces with internet names.

Thanks for getting this going. Let's get the word out!

08-09-11, 08:01
I look forward to meeting you as well. A few others have commited to coming. I have beat the bushes on some of the LE community I know, so maybe we'll have a good show of those guys too.

08-09-11, 11:51
I'd like to try and make it down from Asheville but unfortunately at this point I'm not sure if I'm going to be stuck going to Louisville for work or not this weekend.

R Moran
08-09-11, 18:54
I'm thinking about it, and a co-worker maybe interested, depends on work.

And, it is Saturday morning, I don't get drunk on Friday night anymore, but I usually feel like I did


08-10-11, 05:43

As someone who's made the drive from your area up here & vice versa many times early in the am, it sucks. I am working on getting a mid country meet together closer to you in the coming few months, so if you want to wait, no hard feelings at all as truthfully the ride down there is one of the cross country jumps in SC I hate the most. That, & going to Union, Barnwell, & Myrtle Beach.

Stay Safe

08-11-11, 15:51
Bob filled me in on this little get together. I will be in Greenville over the weekend visiting the in-laws so I might try to sneak away for the morning.

It would be great to do a get together at Mid Carolina gun club since it is somewhat of a central location in SC. I'm not a member there, but I've shot there plenty of times. Its a nice facility, but they have something going on almost every weekend.

08-12-11, 18:49
Can't wait, cya in the morning.


08-12-11, 20:52
Look forward to seeing everyone one tomorrow, just make sure you go in on the east side of Murphy Rd. There are directions on Skip J's website. I will be set up on bay 6. One of the 1st bays as you come in. If you have trouble call me at
Six one seven four one three zero.

Also, if you want to run a few roynds through the SCAR H, bring some decent quality 7.62mm as I am low on blasting 7.62 this weekend.