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07-29-11, 10:59
Greetings all. This is my first post. I don't even have a carbine yet (I am in Chicago), but I am moving to Naples, FL soon and will be buying/building one as soon as I get there. I am curious if there are good places to shoot and get training in the area and if there are other M4C members there.

01-26-12, 20:22
I'm in Naples. Shoot USPSA, IDPA and 3 gun at Hanson range. I'll post a link when I get home on my PC.

01-26-12, 21:57

Heres the website, they run IDPA on Monday nights, USPSA on Thursdays and 3 gun once a month.

01-27-12, 15:44
Thanks for the link. I'll be back in Naples next week and I'll check it out.

06-28-12, 23:56
Altaire gun club opened up not to long ago, looks like a winner from what I can tell. Hosting some pistol and carbine courses. A few if us in Naples get together and shoot at babcock..
It gets boring..so I'm hoping altaire pans out as I am at the end of my rope with burm blasting and want to focus on training.

06-29-12, 10:49
Is anyone here a member of Altair? New members need to be invited by an existing member, and I'd be interested in joining.

06-29-12, 23:56
I don't know any. I'm going to see about getting signed up for some of their pistol courses and see where that goes. From the looks of it they seem like a good group of folks. I'll post back any feedback as I get some more information.Ultimately I'm hoping they have some carbine training opportunities I can take advantage of.

06-30-12, 07:59
I have been to Altair three times. First time was to meet the owners and tour the facility. Second time was for their open house BBQ. third time was for the John McPhee class last weekend and I stayed there Friday and Saturday night. My partner and I will be back out there on 7/21 holding a training event and on 9/1 teaching a 0.5 carbine class.

The place is very nice and getting better all the time. The owners are great people and really hit it out of the park at the mcphee class. We are looking forward to working with them and training with them in the future.

06-30-12, 09:21
is there a web site for Altair?

06-30-12, 09:24


07-01-12, 09:40
thanks rob

is anyone here a member? one needs an invite to join and I would be very interested in signing up.

07-01-12, 09:58
I can't comment on the membership thing but I can say that I wouldn't be comfortable simply recommending someone I didn't know. I believe thats the whole point of the system.

I think they'll be having another open house soon. And I know we'll be teaching more classes there, as will other instructors.

07-10-12, 22:21
I got a spot in the .5 class so I'll see you there rob, I'll post on how Altair works out, but I have high hopes.
I can bring a spare 20" ar and an ak with me so ppl can try diff weps out if you think its practical.

11-26-12, 08:38
I'm a platinum member of the club, if anybody have questions feel free to post or pm me.

03-15-13, 07:53
Does Altair have any upcoming open houses?
I don't see anything posted on their calendar.

I just moved to Naples and am looking for a great place to shoot.

03-15-13, 08:07
When they do they always put it on their calendar.

05-06-13, 11:07
Update - I took the Tactical Pistol 1 class at Altair. Looks like a great facility. Didn't check out the rifle ranges, but was impressed with the setup they have out there. The staff is top notch also. Instructors were former Delta and DevGru. Looking forward to more shooting there.