View Full Version : WTS/WTT: High Speed Gear (HSG) Plate carrier

Paraclete comes
07-30-11, 01:05
Up for sale/trade is a High Speed Gear plate carrier. Its a size large and in coyote tan. Its in great shape and not used all that much, everything is fully operational. It has room for tons of mags and carries front and rear plates. heres a link to the companies website: http://www.hsgi.us/wwwroot/proddetail.asp?prod=HSG-WEE
It retails for $210.00 and im pretty sure its the Weesatch model. It also has the upgraded shoulder pads shown here: http://www.hsgi.us/wwwroot/proddetail.asp?prod=HSG-WA%2FWE-SP these sell for $20.00. On top of that it has the Esapi upgrade shown here, which go for $90.00: http://www.hsgi.us/wwwroot/proddetail.asp?prod=HSG-ESSPCA&cat=13

So overall this rig retails for about $320.00 and its very well built kit. HSG makes some rugged overbuilt, well sewn stuff.


will consider trades for the following but throw offers out there if you want.

-optics or scopes
-AR10/15 lower complete or 80%
-lower parts kits
-quality bolt carrier groups
-enhanced bolt
-buffer assembly
-SOPMOD, VLTOR or the similar magpul stock
-Free float rails by DD or Larue or other quality