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08-11-11, 11:35
I need a recommendation ASAP. My wife's cousin lives in OKC and is a single mother with 2 kids. I've never met her in person but she's having problems with a stalker and last night they decided to smash in all the windows on her truck. Obviously she's scared and sought me out to give her some advice on protecting her and her 2 boys knowing I'm the "gun nut" in the family.

I did a quick search and game up with http://www.usshootingacademy.com/default.aspx and http://www.tdsatulsa.com/index.php. I've heard of USSA before and if memory serves me correctly they have a pretty good reputation. Does anybody have any insight, recommendations, pros or cons about either one of these companies or their instructors? She needs basic classes to start and I'm hoping will continue to advance her firearms training after that.

Any other recommendations would be welcome including any that are in the OKC area rather than having her drive to Tulsa for the 2 mentioned above. Thank you!

08-11-11, 16:30
USSA offers a wider range of courses, including some geared specifically towards defensive use of the gun. TDSA is, primarily, a shooting school with heavy IDPA influences.

08-11-11, 17:07
Both USSA & TDSA are excellent places for instruction. TDSA places more emphasis on the shooting itself. USSA would probably be better for someone who already shoots well, and wants more emphasis on other areas.

08-11-11, 18:34
Thanks gents!

Jesse Tischauser
08-21-11, 10:52
USSA is one of the best facilities in the country and is full of great instructors, competitors and Top Shot contestants. Mike Seeklander, Steve Aryan, and Chris Collins are awesome shooters and great guys.

I shoot competitively with 4-5 of the TDSA instructors and know the owner of TDSA, Marshal Luton as well. These guys have probably the best curiculum of any training out there. Their instructors are competitive shooters, cops, and great guys. If she decides to take a class there let me know we can probably find a discount code for her on my forum. BoomerShooter.com

If she is a single mother with two kids i would assume that she has very little free time and not a bunch of extra $. So a two day 1000 round pistol class out of town may not be what she is after. i think she needs to take Will Andrews courses at H&H gun range right in OKC. I have taken pistol skills 1-3 and they are all great plus u can go back and retake them for free anytime if the classes aren't full.

Here is the link. http://pistolskills.com/?page_id=2

If she is in the North Side of OKC or Edmond Heartland Outdoors offers some classes from a guy named Spencer Keepers. This guy is solid! He has trained with about every name in the personal defense/tactical market and is now using those learned skills to build his own curiculum. Here is a link...


There is also a great place near Shawnee called Practical Shooting LLC. I know the owner Wes personally and he is a very talented policeman and firearms instructor.


Feel free to PM if u need more info.

08-21-11, 11:16
These guys covered things pretty well, but you know I'm in the area too so shoot me a PM as well if you need more.

08-22-11, 10:37
there is also http://www.protectiveshootingsolutions.com/

Charles Cowden is a top notch instructor. He is currently in the training division of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. He was an instructor at USSA until they had financial troubles. I have trained with him and I shoot with him on a regular basis. He is also local to OKC. He owns his own range so he can be flexible.

I have also trained with TDSA and highly recommend them as well.

08-25-11, 13:53
Thanks for all the suggestions. I've passed them along and hopefully she'll heed my advice and what I've presented her from this thread. Stay safe gents.

08-27-11, 11:43
There is also X7 Consulting in OKC. Its a training group operated by a full time police officer and CLEET instructor. No website though but you can PM for details.