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08-19-11, 10:14
From Larry Vickers' website:

"The website goes live on in the first few weeks of July and subscriptions will be approximately $10 a month or $100 for the year- well worth the money as training tips and web only content will be on the net."

Is there a new launch date? Chomping at the bit to join, but all I get is a page that says, "Coming Soon."


Lennie Schmandt

Larry Vickers
08-19-11, 12:53
Good question Lennie- here is the latest; my director has been working every day with the website developer to get this thing perfected- it was a daunting task and the last thing we want to do is launch it and it is flawed; we would rather be a little late with a top quality product than launch something that is jacked up

In addition it will have tons of content right from the beginning - which means you should get your monies worth the first time you visit!

Remember the incentives for annual subscribers ( free 2 day class, Glock 17 and TacTV DD M4) -also make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get the 10% discount code

Hang in there bro - it won't be long and it will be kick ass!!

Be safe

Space Ghost
10-17-11, 22:02
Hey LV, are there any new updates on how the site is coming along?

'ppreciate it,

John Belle

11-05-11, 18:39
Yea anything on the website????


01-16-12, 22:05
Lets get this going STAT Larry! We are relying on you.

My credit card is ready. So are a lot of other credit cards.

02-03-12, 16:11
Remember the incentives for annual subscribers ( free 2 day class, Glock 17 and TacTV DD M4)

Wait, what?

Larry Vickers
02-03-12, 16:44
Gents I want to thank everyone for your patience while we get the website ready - hopefully ( cross your fingers) it will be live very soon - when it is we will announce it everywhere of course

Also yes there are 'door prizes' for annual subscribers such as a free 2 day class, Glocks and DD M4's - this will all be spelled out in the announcement

Thanx guys