View Full Version : Handgun transportation...through O'hare enroute to Indiana

08-28-11, 23:16
I will be flying into Chicago O'hare towards the end of the year and my friend will be picking me up and I will be staying at his place of residence in Indiana. I am a current CCW permit holder here in Mississippi and I know that Indiana honors my permit. My question is, "with me flying into O'hare would I be legally able to transport a handgun and ammo through O'hare (obviously, in my checked luggage as per airline requirements) or is there some local/state law, ordnance or regulation that would not allow me to be in possession of said firearm while in Chicago headed to Indiana?"

I do a pretty good bit of traveling here in the south via airlines as my job sometimes requires me to do so and I usually bring a handgun along with some ammo when doing so. So, I am familiar with the airlines policies. My question is aimed more at the laws of Illinois as I will obviously be flying into O'hare enroute to my final destination in Indiana.

Any help would be appreciated.

08-30-11, 15:51
If you meet the airline requirements for transporting a non-loaded weapon in your checked luggage, you shouldn't have a problem. I live in IL and fly out of OHare all the time. Never had a problem transporting my handgun(s).