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10-05-11, 22:11
Private range being opened up for an Open Day of shooting.

This is geared towards everyone! New shooters to seasoned veterans. If you are a new shooter, or just lack long range experience please don't hesitate to pm me with any questions! We would much rather you attend than sit home and watch tv all day.

You don't have to shoot LR to come out and have fun. You can come out to bang steel at short range too and enjoy some lunch and company amongst like-minded individuals.

5 W's

Who: Everyone is invited!
What: Long Range Day, shooting from 50-1050yds
When: 16 Oct 2011
Where: 4000 Midway Rd, Maxton, NC
Why: Be cause we can...... duh


Cost: $20 per person (lunch and drinks included)
Caliber Restrictions: nothing over .50
Ammo Restrictions: No armor piercing or steel core ammo shot on steel.
Range Open: 0700hr, 16 Oct 2011
Range Hot: 0800hr, 16 Oct 2011
Cease Fire will be called every half hour or so to replace/repaint targets or as needed
Range Cold: 1630hr, 16 Oct 2011
Range Closed: 1730hr, 16 Oct 2011
Camping Allowed! Come early on Saturday evening/afternoon and camp out if you want.


There will always be cadre personnel on the firing line who are acting as RSO and not firing. We will be in direct communication with our safeties.
If you do not own or have your long range rifle set up you may shoot one of ours. We will have a few out there for you to try.
No need to bring any targets! We will supply everything and have steel set up from 100-1050yds. We will also have some paper targets set up at various yardages for anyone to test their marksmanship and shoot tiny groups!
I'm sure there will be some friendly wagers happening... Maybe someone can bring that dinty moore beef stew and we can take turns shooting at it @ 1000yds.
We may have the pistol area set up for concurrent shooting.
We will provide a lunch off the grill and drinks throughout the day. If we can get a solid headcount from here we will try to get some pig cooking, if not then we will have burgers and dogs.
If you are a newb or are just interested in coming out to shoot with us please send me a PM or email me and we can talk.

The only things we ask

Have fun and maybe try to learn something
If you are a new shooter and want to borrow a rifle for the day or just pump some rounds through one please let me know. I'd hate for you get there and not have one available or no ammo.
If you are a new shooter and want some instruction time, don't hesitate to ask. We can make the time to sit down with you and help you understand the answers to your questions.
If you plan on shooting one of our rifles you will need to provide the ammo, you can purchase and bring or you can reach me ahead of time and I will provide. If you just want to sample it, just ask, no charge for that.
-Note: If you provide ammo it must be commercial match grade spec ammo. no corrosive, no AP, etc..
Police up after yourselves!
No whining
Refer to #6

Camping is welcome and permitted Saturday night. If you plan on camping bring something to throw on the grill Saturday evening.

ETA: So we can get a good headcount on lunch please post here, email, or PM me. If enough people show up we may get some pig cooking!!!

Address: 4000 Midway Rd, Maxton, NC
If you punch in the address it will get you close, just remember its right by the intersection of Midway and Townsendville Roads.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

10-06-11, 02:50
I am going to try to make this, might not be there at 0700, but I am going to try to come.
I promise to bring $20 regardless.

How many lanes/targets will be available?
How many shooters is this expected to draw?
Is there a shooter limit?

10-06-11, 09:59
I am going to try to make this, might not be there at 0700, but I am going to try to come.
I promise to bring $20 regardless.

How many lanes/targets will be available? the range is a wide strip of cleared land..targets vary
How many shooters is this expected to draw? hopefully several..this is the "inaugural" run
Is there a shooter limit? No

Weather looks nice and the wind should be pretty calm

10-06-11, 10:21
Looks like it will be a good day...I will try to makes this one.

10-16-11, 16:32
Jost got back from shooting at bo-hoss and associates' steel range.
I will definately be attending the next one they hold.
Good weather, lots of steel, good folks.
I was just there to play with an AR and some optics, but dudes with some serious kit were reaching out to a grand with good hits with authority. Always good to see.
Very relaxed, and the guys hosting were knowledgabe and helpful, freely offering rifles for others to shoot.
If I'm going to fork over $20 to shoot at long range on someone else's steel, I would much rather it go theses guys than my local range with it's never ending spew of paranoid dipshittery and no steel.

Oh, and lunch was included.
Bonus points.

10-18-11, 10:40
This is from Kyle, our "match" director:

"I would like to thank everyone that came out to support this event. Your support is what will let us keep this running. I'm sure everyone had a great time, I did, and I only fired off about 10rds the entire day. It was good to meet new people and watch them throw some lead down range. There were rifles from mosin nagants to Barrett 50's playing on the line. We had about 40 people that came throughout the day.

A big thanks goes out to Chris Watkins from www.Gunn-Fighter.com (check out his site!). He donated the hostage target, flopper torso, Armor plate circles, t-shirts, and those targets that made a lot of smoke (and a little boom) when we shot them :)

Also my help, Liam and Scott (the cook) who took their personal time off to come down and work the range and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

If you had fun we're glad you did, if you didn't have fun please tell us what it would take to make it fun for you. This is/was not just a one time deal, we are looking at doing these about once every 4-6 weeks as the weather permits since we are going to be getting into the cool seasons here soon."

If anyone would like to come down for a work day and help out you can pm me for details.

11-05-11, 23:10
Any idea when the next one will be held?

11-08-11, 21:15
Probably between Thanksgiving & Christmas if we can work out scheduling


A New Tactical Marksman Match is brewing..... This one will be held just north of Ft.Bragg. Targets from 7 yards to 700 yards. Stages with 70' high towers, Stages with Car wrecks, Stages from inside a house, Stages over and on Water, etc,etc,,

This match will be very unique and challenging!! A few sponsors are already on board with more to come. We will validate the course of fire in December and have the match in late Feb or early March. Hope to see you there.

Failure2Stop- PM me for more info

11-13-11, 14:49
That match sounds great!
What is the platform focus on the match?
Sounds like it might be more oriented toward precision bolt guns or DM type autoloaders. Think a "standard" 5.56 AR would be able to compete or have a division for competition? Doesn't really matter, I'll shoot it with an AR just for S&Gs even if there are MOA targets at 700 (can't promise hits though).

PM inbound.