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10-13-11, 10:07
I have searched and have yet to see a list of training facilities in this area. I am in western MD (Washington country area)and would like to know if anyone may have other options then what I was able to find - I don't really want to wake up at o-dark-thirty for a long drive unless that is my only option.

http://www.bspsafe.com/ - Owings Mills MD

http://midatlanticfirearmstraining.com/default.aspx -Hanover MD

http://www.genesisfirearms.com/ - Waldorf MD

http://proactiveshooters.com/about-us/ - Richmond VA

http://www.ccjatraining.com/ - Fredericksburg VA

Thanks in advance.

10-13-11, 10:25
More listed here


10-14-11, 08:05
Thanks for the info...I had found some of those as well but am trying to locate something within a few hours of Western MD to avoid the early morning and long drive times. If you have any other nuggets please pace them on, maybe there should be a sticky with all these in it. Otherwise it looks like I will have to put my big boy pants and suck it up.

10-14-11, 15:11
Just west of Winchester, VA.



10-15-11, 07:14

10-16-11, 16:25
JSantoro -

That is what I was asking for, thanks sir nice finds!!!

10-16-11, 18:00
No sweat. I cheated.....I used to live in Martinsburg, so I'm familiar with your area.

PFT is particularly worthwhile, if you can get in one of their classes, but Echo Valley hosts some good training entities, as well.

10-18-11, 21:05
BPSafe is an individual more so than a training facility. Mike, the instructor/owner is a great dude and a well grounded instructor. He did my NRA pistol instructor class last summer.

I'll second the recommendation for PFT, I'm not great on geography, but their Alderson facility is about 3 1/2 hours from DC, but was well worth the drive. I'll be taking more classes there myself.

If you're willing to head north http://www.lowspeed-highdrag.com/ might also be worth looking into