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10-18-11, 04:28
IMHO, The likes and dislikes, by Jim Henry

*Please remember that this post is only of opinion.........

Well, I was curious about the show. I was not sure what a P.D.W. was. Personal Defensive Weapon......hmmm, allright. My first thought when I heard the term would be a pistol, but this does not always seem to be the case.

When I hear a classification that is new to me, I always think about what the opposite classifications might be. For a P.D.W., would it be:

a. A Non-Personal Defensive Weapon..
b. A Personal Non-Defensive Weapon...
c. A Personal Defensive Non-Weapon...


So, what makes it a P.D.W. and what makes a good one? Time to watch the show......

OK, so along with Mr. Vickers tonight, there was also Mr. Hackathorn( whom to me, certainly needs to introduction, but new shooters/viewers might like a brief intro next time?.). If I got Mr. Hackathorn's great historical deffinition correct, a P.D.W. has been used in combat in situations, other than the front lines. Putting the hits on target seems to be the issue with P.D.W., I think....?.

Mr. Hackathorn then talked a little more history of P.D.W.'s up through the last decade of the sub-machine gun. So, what is the next step?...The HK MP7 and the funky little ammo? What can it do vs. the other....dare I say.....older...PDW's???

Cut to the commercials and then it was time for the shootin'...

*Tangent Alert*
Durring the commercials, Mr. Vickers did a really good, brief description of the M1 Carbine, with some of the specs, including the weight of 5.2 lbs. Now I know that Mr. Hackathorn said earlier that the Carbine "Very simple, very light..." and that the average person armed with this could hit out to say 150M very well", and given his known experience, I believe it. Now, I know lately, I and several others have been looking at stripping an AR-15 build down to the lightest possible weight, and I have to wonder.... has anyone gotten it down to the 5.2 lbs. of the average persons, M1Carbine? Sorry about that, back to the show....*Alert Off*

I liked the PDW drills. The Carbine did good, but the MP7 did do better, even with the fleas. I have to wonder about if it was the benefit of the red dot, or the design of the gun, that made it that much faster. How about a red dot on a M1 Carbine next time..hehehe...

I liked the slide lock reload lesson as well. I agree,with my own experiences, that when the new magazine is grabbed, not only the position of the index finger is important(on the front) but the extended thumb on the side as well, to get the smooth transition into the well and onto the slide lock.

It was interesting to watch the other comparisons, including the long shot. However, again I have to wonder, was it the design of the MP7, or the fact that it was the only gun with a red dot sight on it, that really made the difference??????

All and all, IMHO, another really good show. Looking forward to the next one. The Likes and the dislikes....


10-18-11, 08:32
Sounds interesting, I think I recorded it.

I'm surprised that someone like Troy hasn't come out with a chassis for the M1 carbine like they have for the M1A. Maybe if we can get all those Korean carbine back in the states, the market will be big enough to offer something to modernize the carbine.