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10-21-11, 02:02
I've been lurking on M4Carbine for a little while now, unfortunately for me it was after I had purchased my rifle. I bought a Rock River Arms LAR-8 Standard (I know, I know) and, after some modifications I think im ready to sell it and buy a 700 and spend more on good glass. I do like the rifle and have shot less than MOA on occasion and hit steel at 600 regularly. It has roughly 1000 rounds through it.

RRA LAR-8 Standard 20"
Magpul UBR
Heavybuffers.com Carbine buffer
RRA aluminum FF Handguard
JP Enterprises tactical Muzzle Brake
Cheap Winchester bipod
Burris XTR 1.5-6 x 40
Burris PEPR mount

I would love to get as much as possible but know I will probably take a loss. I have a local shop that could put it on consignment as-is and sell it for me or I can try to sell it at work (LE). The instructor that I work with everyday suggests I should part it out to try to get the most. Just wondering what the members here think. Thanks.


10-23-11, 05:00
$900 i think to a fellow LEO is a reasonable price. $600 is what your local gun shop would offer you. Good luck with the sale!

10-25-11, 09:51
If it were me, I'd pull the glass & either keep it or sell it separately. Do you still have the stock that came on that rifle? If so, swap the UBR for the A2 (or whatever) stock. Keep the UBR for your next rifle or sell it. Few people will want to pay the premium for a $250 stock on that rifle.

Unless it is Gucci / Louis Vuitton (Noveske, etc) you aren't going to get near what you paid for it. Think 60% of new cost.

For example, I got $800 for an Armalite AR10 Carbine not too long ago, luckily I had picked it up on the used market. I was realistic about what I wanted & got rid of it within 2 weeks on a local board. I'm about to do the same with a RRA upper / DPMS lower that I expect to get about $650 for.

RRA LAR-8 Standard A4 = $1,300 x 0.6 = $780

10-26-11, 01:25
Thanks for the replies. I do still have the original A2 Buttstock, buffer and spring, so I think I might go that route. I'm just not sure what to do with the custom buffer that was needed to use the UBR.

Sounds like I'm not going to get enough to fund my 700 project but it will sure get me closer. Luckily I still have atleast a month of being on the range everyday which will help me sell it, and it seems like people are always buying optics around here. I've bought, but never sold anything online, so maybe I'll look into that also.