View Full Version : M14 PMAGS?

11-04-11, 14:43
I've heard some internet "chatter" that a M14/M1A Pmag may be in the works? or on the drawing board? any truth to this rumor?

US Rifle, Cal. .30, M1
11-11-12, 00:17
Well that would be amazing!And a Ak mag!with steel lugs:dance3:

11-11-12, 00:22
Take a good hard look at the dimensions of an M-14 mag and tell me where you can add the extra wall thickness that making the mag from polymer would require. This is why there are no SCAR P-mags. Getting the SCAR to accept P-Mags requires a new lower, made to different dimensions to accept 7.62 P-mags designed for another rifle.

In addition, I doubt there is sufficient M-14 market to make the development of a M-14 P-mag commercially viable.

11-11-12, 00:44
There are a lot of things in development, and as much as I hate to play "secret squirrel", I can't talk much about those things now. We will be announcing some things relatively soon, and more at SHOT, as well as some
planned mid-year releases.

I will say that we have looked at and will continue to look at various platforms for expansion of the line. There are indeed limitations based on some magazine well dimensions, and with the design, engineering, and testing time and expense involved in producing a magazine that meets Magpul standards, the numbers do have to add up.

That being said, we have some interesting things in the works. :-)