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11-05-11, 09:02
I may end up with a work induced move to Michigan. What is that like for a gun owner?

11-15-11, 05:09
I dont think that we have a lot of terrible gun laws however, their is a lot of room for improvement. Recently in Michigan we have the ablility to possess supressors and class III firearms but, we can not own SBRs or SBS. Open carry is allowed in Michigan and can be used to enhance a CPL by allowing you to open carry in some of our goofy pistol free zones.

The only thing that is really God awful is the Pistol registrations that we have to go through. The good news is that a CPL exempts you from having to get a purchase permit.

If you want a good site to visit to check on more of the Michigan Gun culture check out


11-18-11, 22:13

01-28-12, 11:12
Another question. I might end up in the Ann Arbor area. How available are long range rifle and action shooting friendly/possible clubs? Thanks