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11-06-11, 09:18
After spending the last three years on the southwest border I traded in the badge and gun for a new job back home in Virginia. I am working in Norther Virginia.

I was hoping you guys could help me out. I just ordered a new HK p2000 (they wouldn't let me keep mine :mad:) from Virginia Arms and it should arrive by the end of this week. Unfortunately, I don't really know of many places to shoot around here. I could always drive down to the Richmond area where my parents live and find a place to shoot down there but that's a nice haul just to shoot.

Where do you northern Virginians go to shoot? NRA Range? I live in Arlington (Ballston), so I was hoping for something relatively close to avoid this god awful traffic as much as possible. I remember shooting at a range in Alexandria/Springfield about 4 years ago; I remember it being pretty small though.

Are there any 3gun competitions near by or good shooting clubs worth checking out? I got into some competitive shooting back in AZ and I really like it...I'm gonna have to get my excitement from somewhere--I sit behind a desk now.:help:

For the record: I'd be willing to drive to go to a good shooting spot. I want to run my m4 as well so any ranges indoor/outdoor that allow for rifle is a definite plus.

11-06-11, 16:05
The NRA Range is nice for pistol, I've been there with my AR once just to get a rough zero on the aimpoint though. It's cold now so I'm sure the wait times will start getting longer though. There's an outdoor range just past Harrisonburg in the national forest I really like. I suppose it's technically inside WV, has a 100yd rifle range and a pistol range (assuming 25yd) adjacent to it.

Be forewarned some folks have vandalized the place (shot up the roofs over the benches, posts, signs etc.) and I think it was shut down once, though it's always been open when I've driven there from Alex. Long drive but it's a day trip in my opinion, and I enjoy not getting weird looks from other flavor of shooters.

Oh, and I believe the range in Springfield is/was Sharpshooters. Never been there myself, believe you need to pay for membership though. That said, buying my own land seems a better idea everyday... One day.

11-09-11, 07:45
I live in Alexandria City and find myself going to the NRA range. It is not that bad of a drive (non-rush of course) and it is freakishly clean for a range. Sharpshooters (formerly Gilbert's) is down in Lorton, a bit closer for me, but I find myself going to the NRA more often b/c I bring my rifle (Sharpshooters only allows handgun rounds). I used to be a member of Gilbert's and all the folks there are very nice. NRA runs less than $20 a session as does Sharpshooters. Both offer memberships which save you some change and unless they have changed their policy, Sharpshooters offers nice discounts on ammo and weapons to their members.

There are a couple of outdoor ranges out in Manassas. VA Arms guys can direct you to them. They are a hike from Alexandria/Arlington, but worth the half day trip.

11-09-11, 11:56
Welcome back to Virginia!

11-10-11, 11:57
Where do you northern Virginians go to shoot?

Check out Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly:

... and Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn:

The NRA range and Blue Ridge can be busy on the weekends, expect long waits. Silver Eagle Group just had a grand re-opening for the public, I haven't been there since they remodeled, but I need to check it out.


11-10-11, 12:11
PM me if you want to go to a free class tomorrow within 1.5 hrs of NoVA. For vets by vets. No strings attached.