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11-12-11, 22:02
Anyone interested in doing a once a month drill day? I'm the match director for the 3gun program at Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, IN.

What I can do is find a Saturday (Sundays are all spoken for) and schedule M4C Drill Day. Be $15 range fee per shooter(club requirement). We only have bays out to 30 ish yard but the bay I have in mind is about 40-45yars wide and 25yds deep, so cross court shots can be a little longer.

We also can use any of the stuff I have for 3gun(targets, target stands, props).

Just want to see how much interest there is in this.

11-13-11, 14:22
Sounds very interesting, but too far for me to drive. Too bad you wern't closer to Chicago.

11-13-11, 14:55
Chicago's not that far. Only be 3-3.5hrs drive time to Atlanta CC for you. It's a 2hr drive for me to Atlanta CC....

11-14-11, 08:50
it was good shooting with you yesterday. i could use some drills thats for sure

11-14-11, 10:20
For sure man, hope to see you at matches next year

11-14-11, 10:56

02-20-12, 13:42
Any interest in this?

03-13-12, 10:32
Count me in if this ever gets going.

04-09-12, 17:26
I would be interested.

Any local IDPA matches around NE Indiana?

04-09-12, 22:00
Not sure on IDPA but Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver has a USPSA match on April 15 @ 9am

04-10-12, 08:22
Can't make this Friday's match but I would like to shoot more competition style matches etc.... Honestly never done it before but I shoot a lot and have attended half dozen carbine classes to include a shoot house and a half dozen handgun classes. Going to the range and plinking paper by myself or with a family member although still fun get's boring..

04-10-12, 08:39
match is Sunday, not Friday if that matters.

I'm also the Series Coordinator and one of the found members of the Indiana Multigun Series. Check out indianamultigun.com for our schedule of events.

I usually try to throw a little scenario theme into my stage design for the matches I personally run for the series at Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, Indiana.

We've got people that drive from Southern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Illinois for our matches.