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11-19-11, 05:58
This months event will take place on 26/Nov/2011

John & I are working to get this months event squared away. We are looking to make some changes to the scoring that will probably be in effect at this months event. We are both thinking of going to IDPA scoring rules and using IDPA targets. It is far less complicated and can be modified slightly to be even more accuracy focused. I like the IDPA targets scoring zones better as they are more representative in-terms of the -0 scoring zone in relation to the vitals of a living bad-guy. The system is also easier to score (Big Yeay!). I also like the idea of the "FTN" (Failure To Neutralize) penalty for not hitting the necessary scoring zones on the targets.

*This months stages:

"Changing Gears"

*3 sets of 3 targets each at varying distances of: 5, 25, and 100yds. Each target will require 3 hits for a minimum of 9 hits at each distance = 27 hits total for the stage. (Best 3 hits on each target are scored)

*Shooters will start with their rifle laying on the ground with an empty chamber and an empty magazine with the safety on "SAFE".

*On the "BEEP" shooters will be required to do 10x Push-Ups *or* 10x Jumping-Jacks. Shooters may opt-out of the "cardio" portion, but will be penalized heavily which will take them out of contention for the top score for this stage. (Im thinking +30 seconds to their overall time for the stage.)

*After completing the "cardio", each shooter will then pick up their rifle, obtain a sight picture on one of the 5 yard targets, put the rifle on "FIRE" and pull the trigger only to get a "CLICK". Shooters will then be required to conduct an emergency reload on a closed bolt with a fully loaded magazine from a pouch or pocket and address the 3 sets of targets in order of increasing distance starting at the 5 yard targets.

*Shooters will be required to shoot the 5 & 25 yard target arrays from the STANDING position. Shooters will then shoot at the 100yd targets from the PRONE position.

"Static Marksmanship"

*Standard NRA B-8 (or similar) target set-up @ 100yds

*60 second time limit

*10 rounds total fired/10 points max per round except for "X" ring hits which will count as 20 points each. *Maximum score of 200 points*

Shooters will start out with a loaded rifle on "SAFE" in a PRONE position. *NO bipods of any type will be allowed during this stage. This includes "Grip-Pod" style vertical grips* Shooters may rest their magazine on the ground for support. On the beep, shooters will place their rifles on "FIRE", and fire all 10 rounds at their target. A "Cease Fire" will be called at the 60 second mark.

*Any rounds fired after the cease-fire is called will be subtracted from your best hits on-target x how many rounds fired over-time. Example: If you fire 2 rounds over-time and you have 2 (or more) "X" ring hits on your target, you will have -40 points subtracted from your overall score.
I will update here when I work out all the rest of the details.

*And as always....

*Please read the following and forward this to any new/first time shooter(s) who plan on attending....

Disclaimer & Requirements:
The Practical Rifle events at the Aurora Sportsman’s Club are not super high speed as we always need to take a wide range of skill levels into account, but the Practical Rifle event is not for shooters who have never fired a rifle before.

Shooters attending the ASC’s Practical Rifle events need to have a solid practical understanding of the fundamentals of shooting and safely manipulating their rifles: (loading/un-loading, trigger finger placement, muzzle discipline, etc.). Prior formal instruction on shooting a semi-automatic rifle is highly recommended.

*ALL shooters must bring their own eye & ear protection.

*ALL shooters must provide their own ammunition.

*NO steel core or “Armor piercing” ammunition will be allowed on stages that use steel targets (No exceptions).

General info:
Action Shooting Sports at Aurora Sportsmen’s Club
Practical Rifle 4th Saturday of Each Month

The purpose of Practical Rifle is both competition and skills development. Shooters typically use modern magazine fed semi- automatic weapons such as AR-15s, AK-47 variants etc. Shooters challenge themselves by facing new tasks and situations each month.

This is an opportunity to get your rifle "off the bench" and test your marksmanship skills while developing new skills most can't practice on the range. Shooters should plan on firing about 100 rounds.

Shooters MUST be present and registered in time for the safety brief beginning at 9:30 am. If you arrive early, help setting up is always appreciated. Cost is $10 for ASC members, $20 non-members.

Questions? See the Action Shooting Sports area of our website at: http://www.AuroraSC.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=90