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11-20-11, 23:02
Active Trauma Management, Inc. is holding Trauma Care 1 and 2 classes in Elkhart, Indiana on the 3rd of December. Class will start at 9am and end approximately 6pm.

Go to our web page for registration information, class info below. Address and payment information will be sent after the application is received.

Contact us with any questions at info@activetraumamanagement.com.

Trauma Care 1 (TC1)

In this half day class (time is approximate, we train to a standard, not a preset time limit) you will learn to identify and treat traumatic injuries.

We take a unique approach in breaking down the topics into short segments of interactive lecture and hands on skills in the classroom. We keep an instructor to student ratio that allows for personalized attention to make sure you understand what you’re doing. Using a combination of talk, demonstration, power points, and hands on we will focus on key skills that you will be able to walk away from class with and apply that day.

There is some light background given in anatomy and physiology, but the focus is on enabling you to see an injury, recognize it, then apply a solution.

There are no prerequisites for this class. It is designed for those with little to no medical / first aid training.
Cost $89

Trauma Care 2 (TC2)
This is the next level of TC 1, where you have the opportunity to apply what you learned during TC 1 in scenarios. In this half day class you will be paired with other students and taken through scenarios in which you will need to safely move to a patient, establish security, treat the patient, then move them to a safer area.

The prerequisite is Trauma Care 1. This class will involve some moderate exertion, including lifting patients. There is no live fire. You need to be at least 21 years old for this class.

Because there are applications of security principles you will need to provide proof of no felony record in the form of a police report from the Indiana State web site http://www.in.gov/ai/appfiles/isp-lch/ or a valid “license to carry handgun" or "carrying concealed weapon" permit from your state of residence. Application for a "license to carry handgun" can be made through your local law enforcement department. We are compliant with US Department of State ITAR regulations.

We are not associated in any way with the State of Indiana or the Indiana state police.

Cost $89

Trauma Care 1 and 2
$159 if you sign up for TC 1 and 2 during the same day. If there is room and you decide to add TC 2 while in the class you can sign up on site. We accept paypal, cash, or visa/mc on site.