View Full Version : Suppressed .223 precision bolt action groups / poi shift

12-01-07, 21:31
With a suppressed bolt action rifle, a poi shift is expected but it needs to be repeatable. I'm thinking of a 20" .223 build and wanted to see 1) what poi shifts you'all got, 2) what suppressor you were running, 3) if the poi shifts were repeatable, and 4) what kind of groups and ammo used.

Oh, and 5) what kind of suppression you experienced. Hearing safe? With a 18-20" bbl, quieter than a suppressed AR 16" suppressed?

12-03-07, 22:31
Ok. How about: Anyone with a .223 suppressed precision bolt action rifle - talk to me.


12-03-07, 22:33
Sorry, mine was zeroed with the suppressor on it. I didn't bother to check the result of shooting it with the suppressor of it. :eek:

I know, that's bad...