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12-03-11, 10:25
Does anyone have any hands on experience with the new GAP 10 308 for 2011? I noticed they are built off the POF lower and upper; i'm just wondering about handling, accuracy and just plain fun.

I thought about building a 308 AR, but then came across the GAP 10 and i'm just wondering if it would be better to just buy a built AR 10 versus building my own.

Any knowledge or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I did a search for the GAP 10 here but mostly everything is about the past models and i haven't found anything on the 2011 model.

again any help would be greatly appreciated.



12-03-11, 10:28
Check Sniper's Hide. It is the forum for all things GAP.

12-03-11, 12:41
Thank you!!