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12-05-11, 19:44
Hey Floridians,

Recently relocated back to my home state and found a job here in South Florida, would like to keep my shooting skills polished. Anyone here a member of TSSA who regularly goes to TSSA events? I'd like to meet up with an M4C member and head over.

How are the events? Are the majority of the shooters LEO, Enthusiasts, Mil?

I was somewhat thinking about heading over for practice tomorrow after work. Should I call in advance? I'll most likely shoot really really slow so as to get a feel for everything.

Please PM me or email me if you're a regular--I'd greatly appreciate it.

05-01-12, 04:20
Hi there,
Come on out and shoot! I've been shooting with TSSA for a long time and it's a fun club. The shooter mix is across the board but everyone seems to get along well. The club is well organized considering it's located in South Florida!



05-03-12, 20:43
IIRC Rob S was heavily involved with them and can tell you a lot about them.