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01-12-12, 15:52
Well, itís time for another of Jellyís insane requests.:jester:

As you can see from the title, things have changed a little. Over the last year I have done a good deal of research on everything from Rem 700 variants to Accuracy International and Desert Tactical Arms rifles.
After some hard thinking, I have decided to forego the AI's and DTA's in favor of a Semi-auto AR-10 style platform. As badly as I would like to have an AI or DTA (and by bad, I mean ravenously foaming at the mouth bad :( ), the limited use I would get out of one, coupled with the prohibitively high cost of literally everything related to them sort of negates any reason I would have for owning one.
An AR10 would be much more realistic for my uses, slightly better on the cost side, not to mention weapon familiarity, and being more of a multi use weapon.
So with that out of the way....

Hereís what Iím looking for:

LMT MWS or LM8 .308.- Right now my #1 preference- if you have access to one of each for a side-by-side that would be even better. I know the LM8s are pretty rare right now, so I would even have no problem meeting up with two seperate people if you've got a buddy that owns one and you have the other.

Already got ahold of a PredatAR and KAC M110 (Thanks VMI-MO and F2S!) so those are off the table as of now.
Second choice options are still the GAP-10 or OBR, but I'm really much more interested in LMT's offerings at this time.

Of course, if an AI AE or AW, or a DTA SRS in basic .308 just so happens to show up in the general area and the owner is feeling generous, I wouldn't turn down a chance to get some time on it. I KNOW there's at least one DTA floating around VA.... :laugh:

As usual, I would be more than willing to drive a reasonably ridiculous distance to meet up.
If we can get to a range and actually shoot the thing that would be most preferred. I will pay my own range fees (if any), and can provide some of my own (match) ammo for anything in .308. Anything NOT in .308.....given the price of ammo currently, I can't do anything with it.
If you don't have access to a thousand yard range [/sarcasm], don't worry about it- even a basic 100 yards will be fine (seeing as how 100 is more or less the basic standard for accuracy testing anyway...). That being said, if any shooting is available I would like to get to somewhere beyond 50 yards and give the precision aspect a go.
If you just so happen to have one or all of the above, and can't find anywhere to go shooting, I *might* be able to find something. Maybe. So give me a holler anyway.

I am located:
45 min. from Farmville
45 min. from South Hill
45 min. from Blackstone
15 min. from Keysville
3 hrs. from VA Beach
2.5 +/- hrs. from Raleigh, NC
~3 hrs. from Moyock, NC

For Richmond area:
Aprox. 1- 1.5 Hrs. from the Hull street area as well as the
Chesterfield Towne Center (Mall on Midlothian Tpke., 20-30 min. from Short Pump area).

That is all. Simple, right? :)

Also- yes I posted this in two sections as I wasn't quite sure if it was better off in regional or training subforums as neither seem to get a huge volume of people through them. My apologies if this is bad.

05-29-12, 00:24
Still looking, so BTT.

Heard of some owners around the Lynchburg and farther west area, as well as VA beach. Talked to a couple folks in NC.
So far nothing solid.

08-10-12, 14:02
Back up for new rifles.

11-26-12, 16:03
Back up for update.

02-09-13, 16:03
Back up for the LMT