View Full Version : Bipod mount and sandbags?

01-20-12, 11:45
I'm working up my precision AR components (already have the rifle) and am looking at bipod mounts. Is there any reason I need QD? I guess I have a hard time justifying the extra $50 for an $80 Larue/ADM over a $30 YHM or Harris. Yes, I know YHM sucks and I really hate everything they make, but it's a bipod mount. I really don't envision ever taking the thing off to be honest, but even if I needed to, the bipod itself (Harris) has a nice big thumbscrew on the bottom. Leaving a 2 ounce mount on the end of the rifle wouldn't be the end of the world.

Also looking at making a sandbag. I had the B.A.L.S pack/sandbag combo on my bolt gun and it was great. Just looking for something small and light. I saw some corncob tumbling media for cheap at a gunshow and thought about using that. Much lighter than sand. Thinking of filling a Crown Royal bag with some and sewing it shut.

Thanks for the input!

01-20-12, 23:52
The plus to getting a QD mount is if you have multiple weapons to throw your bipod on. I specifically purchased the ADM model when I ordered my Atlas. Prior to I've used the YHM on my M1A and on my Mega MA-Ten. If I didn't buy the Atlas it would still be on.

As far as a rear bag I made some happy socks. I used a set of GI green socks that are knee highs and filled them with doll making poly beads from Walmart. The bag had two pounds so one bag is a 2/3 pounder and the other is 1 1/3 pounds. Tie off the sock, fold it over itself and tie another not. Works great and have two different size bags. Cheap, easy, and the poly beads don't rot or mold.